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Chapter 2111: 2111
Chapter 2111: All of you just want a puppet .

One of the elders said slowly, “We are not trying to force you to relinquish your position! The role of a family head should be taken up by someone among us with remarkable capability who is selected by the majority . When we chose you for the position, we thought highly of your competence and capability . Second brother has always viewed you in high regard and as someone outstanding . Everyone agreed as well, and that’s why you’re the head of the family now, but after your recent actions, we have changed our opinion of you . We wanted originally to dispel our support for you, yet you managed to become the head using god knows what means! Grandmaster Mu is old so he’s inevitably prone to being addle-minded, but we will take responsibility for this mess this one time! Still, after so long, you have indeed disappointed all of us! Considering all the factors mentioned, don’t blame us for being heartless if you continue going the wrong way!”

“Want me to relinquish my position? He he! ‘Going the wrong way’—how well-said!”

With hands in his pockets, Mu Yazhe stood there, tall and straight . His impeccable demeanor was extremely dazzling to the eyes .

He swept his gaze briefly across the circle before asking slowly, “Then, who is the candidate taking over my position?”

His eyes abruptly fell on his cousin as his lips curled into a smile . “Mu Yancheng?”


The latter was pricked uncomfortably by his piercing stare . He would naturally not display his ambition in front of everyone . Therefore, he pretended to be kind as he consoled him hypocritically, “I don’t deserve it . Listen to my advice and cut off ties with this woman properly . Don’t have any contact with her anymore! You’re the head of this family with a bright future ahead of you . There are lots of remarkable ladies for you to choose from; why choose someone like her? I don’t have the capability to compete with you! The Mu Group has indeed grown speedily in your hands; that’s why I, too, wish that you can keep being the family head . I advise you not to be blinded by this woman!”

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His words were awfully fake as if he were trying to play hard to get .

This young chap was no idiot and was quite clever in fact . He was confident that his cousin would not break ties with the woman .

This was why he could say all that .

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Mu Shumin said coquettishly from the side, “Yancheng, don’t undervalue yourself . If I must say, you’re better than your cousin as you’re obedient and thoughtful . You won’t do anything that will upset us!”

Before he could respond, Mu Yazhe nodded his head with a smile . “Yes, he is obedient enough and will listen to others . That’s why he can be under anyone’s control . Isn’t that right?”

Everyone in the living room remained deathly still .

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Awkwardness flashed across his uncle and aunt’s faces, while the rest were horribly embarrassed . They lowered their heads, unable to respond .

The man continued, “I think the family head you all desire isn’t one with outstanding capability but one who is obedient and has a sense of propriety . You all want someone who can hand over the authority even after being the leader—someone who can be manipulated and can make way for others when required . What you all want is a puppet and not one who can steer well; isn’t that right?”

“Brother, what nonsense are you saying?!” Mu Yancheng pretended to be indignant . “Don’t intentionally twist the kind intentions of our seniors!”

His words obviously redeemed some of the elders’ dignity .

Mu Shumin’s face was filled with admiration and she grew increasingly pleased with his performance .