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Published at 30th of November 2020 11:25:17 PM

Chapter 2112


The man’s voice became abruptly icy . “Is it due to kind intentions that this ambush was set up for all of you to oust me from my seat? I can’t afford such kindness if that’s so!”


“You all must’ve racked your brains over planning this set-up, right? I could tell that a lot of effort went to this!”

His handsome face turned grim, the fury and eeriness in his eyes evident . “Since you have all decided to abdicate me from my role, what other choice do I have? As for those accusations, if you are adamant about condemning me, why worry about the pretext?”


Mu Linfeng bellowed coldly, “You still have a chance . Take it now by breaking up with this woman! We will then treat it as if nothing happened and formally acknowledge you as this family’s head! Only by doing so can we be assured that you have no reservations and can continue leading our business . ”

“Listen to my advice . No one is adamant on taking away your title, but your recent actions have truly left us bitterly disappointed . Take this chance now to break it off with her and we will forget that this has ever happened!” added Mu Shumin .


“Quickly break it cleanly with this woman!”

One after another, everyone condemned him and voiced their solemn orders .

Amid the din, Mu Yazhe suddenly turned his head to the side . His eyes instantly became gentle like flowing water the moment his gaze landed on Yun Shishi .

He slowly raised his left hand, the digits from his right gently caressing the band on his ring finger .

It was the one gifted by Youyou to him during the engagement ceremony .

He brushed against the ring repeatedly with a gentle gaze as if he were caressing a one-of-kind treasure .

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A 0 . 2-carat diamond was embedded on the back of the ring, implicating that the love was in their hearts .

His sons, especially the younger one, gazed at his action uneasily . Perplexed by the situation at hand, the boy did not know how his daddy would choose .

He vaguely recalled his daddy saying once before that he could do without the Mu Group for mommy!

Saying such things was easy, but could he really do it?

There was not one man who could disregard the lure of power when asked to choose between it and a woman .

Was his father truly willing to give up the Mu Group to be with his mother?

To him, that company did not just simply signify the power and benefits he could have .

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It also represented his painstaking hard work over the years .

Would he really be willing to give that up?

When it came to a moment like this, where he had to make an actual decision, could he really make such a choice?

Yun Shishi bit her lower lip and hung her head low . She held tightly onto the hem of her clothes as she could not bear to look .

All of a sudden, she was no longer confident .

She had truly lost her confidence .

Especially at a moment like this, she was terrified that he would slowly remove his engagement ring and throw it at her in an act to break off ties with her .

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Mu Shumin and Mu Linfeng glared at the man fixedly, each one harboring different concerns .

His uncle hoped that he would continue to hold the title . He was willing to give his nephew, whom he had been holding in such high regard for a long time, another chance .

As for his aunt, she wished to help Mu Yancheng occupy the position .

Suddenly, in this stifling atmosphere, Mu Yazhe let out a smile as his hand went past his ring finger .

Mu Yancheng stared fixedly at his every action . When he saw that slight movement from him, the former could no longer hide the ambition in his eyes as his gaze grew malevolent!