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Published at 30th of November 2020 12:10:08 AM

Chapter 2110: 2110
Chapter 2110: You are no longer suitable for this position .

He sneered and retorted, “Why does the woman I acknowledge require your acknowledgment? This is laughable . ”

Mu Shumin was rendered speechless . Despite being used to his arrogant attitude, she was still filled with dissatisfaction with her heart feeling stifled .

“Yazhe, you are no longer young . Being promiscuous as a man is another matter, but when it comes to the woman one brings into the family, she must at least have an illustrious background even if it isn’t on the same level as us . This woman, who is clearly a femme fatale, works in showbiz . I heard that you had offended quite a few people and garnered many enemies because of her . You are destined to be part of the Mus’ supremacy, so you’re not allowed to mess around as this is very dangerous for you!”

“As the head of our family, you should be thinking about how to strengthen it—not forming enemies left and right! This is extremely unfavorable to our family’s future . Have you ever thought of that?”

“Ever since you became the head of the family, you’ve been increasingly willful! You lack any consideration when doing things, and you do not think of the consequences . You are really going overboard with all your recent actions!”

“We’ve heard all about your deeds . You intentionally beat down others, banned celebrities, and even offended other powerful families for such a disastrous woman’s sake . Don’t you feel humiliated for our family?”

“Yazhe, this chap, has been neglecting the company’s affairs lately! I heard that the engagement ceremony arranged on an island had been too grand! No one knew where the capital for it came from . Could it have been secretly taken from the company’s accounts?”

“The present situation of our family is quite detrimental . If you keep messing around, you’ll eventually drag us with you into the abyss of suffering! Although you have brought impressive achievements to the Mu Group, did you ever think of how you are neglecting the company’s progress by persisting with your wrong ways? Tossing the family’s interests aside—what impropriety is this?!”

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Before one was done speaking, another person continued . It seemed that they had planned this out, fighting over one another to list his ‘criminal charges’ .

Listening to them from the side, Mu Yancheng gloated inside over this calamity . He did not say a word throughout the session, but the delight on his face was extremely glaring .

“Since you became this family’s head, there have been many things handled inappropriately . According to what the elders have just said, everyone feels that you are no longer suitable for this position!”

Mu Linfeng concluded with this statement .

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Everyone’s eyes fell on him .

Surprisingly, Mu Yazhe remained silent as he listened to them . Despite being faced with a ton of accusations, he unbelievably did not make a single retort .

However, when his uncle said his share, he let out a cold laugh . His lips curled into a mocking smile and he questioned back languidly, “Do you all plan to oust me from my position by displaying this big scene?”

The crowd was deathly still as everyone remained silent .

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Just as Mu Yancheng was feeling extremely excited while surveying his surroundings, he unintentionally met his cousin’s cold and scrutinizing gaze . He quivered, instantly sitting obediently without moving .

This man exuded an extremely terrifying aura, filled with strong deterrence and dignity .

He could not meet his eyes .