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Chapter 2106: 2106

The twins would be unable to leave her side .

Likewise, she could not leave theirs .

She knew that, with her strength alone, pitting herself against this family was completely an overestimation of her capabilities . She was as good as an ant to them, but even if she had to stake in everything she had, she would not be afraid of them .

Her lips slowly curved into a smirk before she finally burst out laughing at the ludicrousness of the situation .

“What are you laughing about?”

“I’m laughing at your naivety . ” In a seeming move to provoke them, the young lady airily added, “Did you guys think that I’m hankering for that bit of money? I’m sorry, but it looks like you have all underestimated me . I won’t accept your condition . ”

“You won’t accept it?!” screeched Mu Shumin, her voice rising a few decibels . “Must you be so selfish?! Will you only be satisfied after causing your husband to lose his position as the family head?! There won’t be a chance for you to regret this decision by then! While we’re still being kind to you, you should wisely reach a compromise with us now!”

“What do you mean by that?!”

Yun Shishi lifted a brow . With her acute senses, she could smell something fishy going on .

“Truth be told, everyone in the family is immensely disappointed with that nephew of mine! We couldn’t understand why he would pick you instead of the other missus of decent backgrounds for his wife! What’s more; that chap registered his marriage with you behind our backs . His actions are truly baffling . As such, we have unanimously reached a decision: We’ll consider reselecting our family head if he continues to insist on having you as his wife . ”

This piece of news came as a shock to her . Her eyes gradually narrowed at the sight of the hateful faces right in front of her .

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Mu Yancheng, in particular, was wearing a smug smirk on his face . The ambition in his eyes could hardly be concealed!

This was when she understood why Mu Linfeng had asked her to come over for a discussion . This family’s goal was none other than to force her to leave her husband’s side . Should she refuse to do so, they would then rob him of his rightful position . They reckoned that she would surely accept their condition for the sake of his future if she truly loved him .

“Are you saying that you’ll force my husband to abdicate his position if I don’t leave him?” she coldly questioned .

“He he! Not bad! Looks like, on top of having a smart mouth, you have some wits about you!” The senior woman snorted . “Just let us know your decision now . ”

“How interesting . Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to direct this question at me?” Her eyes were trained on the elderly woman . “Isn’t it better to ask my husband this question, instead?”

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Mu Shumin had apparently reached the end of her patience, for she requested her assistant to get her checkbook and a pen the next second . Upon receiving these items, she picked up the fountain pen and went straight to the point . “How much do you want?”

“How much money do you want for you to be willing to leave my nephew’s side?!” demanded the elderly woman who no longer wanted to play mind games with the other .

The young lady made no comments and only clenched her teeth in anger .

Being thoroughly frustrated at the young lady’s obstinacy, she decided to humiliate her in the most insulting manner . “Is 100 million enough for you?”

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“Madam, you—”

“One billion!”

She had no patience to listen to what the other had to say and just interrupted her by raising the amount .

Before Yun Shishi could give any sort of response, she heard an icy voice which belonged to a child coming from the door . “One billion? Are you dismissing a beggar with that measly sum?”

That voice, which sounded tender yet apathetic, was entirely devoid of emotions .

Everyone, including her, turned in the direction of the voice in shock .