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Published at 28th of November 2020 11:50:08 PM

Chapter 2107: 2107

Standing at the doorway were the twins, with a solemn-looking man in a black suit in tow . It was unknown when the trio had arrived at the Mu residence .

Youyou, donning a black trench coat with his hands tucked inside his pockets, had a frigid expression on his face; his brother, who was standing beside him, looked equally resentful as he clenched his fists and trained his terrifying gaze on his grandaunt .

“Trust you to return to the family, Mu Yichen!” At the sight of the older boy, Mu Shumin snorted jeeringly . “I thought you’ve already forgotten about your identity and acknowledged an imposter as your mother!”

“Take a seat since you’re already here!” ordered Mu Linfeng with a wave of his hand .

One of the servants immediately moved two stools over and, in a gentle manner, said, “Please take your seats, young masters!”

Little Yichen remained indifferent and aloof to her words .

It was only after studying them closely for a while that the servant realized that she had confused one for the other . She walked over to Youyou’s side and stretched her arms to carry the boy to his seat, only to have her hands slapped away by him .

“Don’t touch me with your filthy hands . ”

Left with no choice, she could only retreat to one side .

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The younger one lowered his gaze to the stool beside him before kicking it to the side emotionlessly . A loud thump was heard the next second . In his furious state, the lad possessed terrifying strength and was, thus, able to kick over the stool which was about as high as him .

Mu Linfeng could not help feeling immensely enraged after getting over his momentary shock . He straightened his back as he studied the boy standing not far away from him . He could not believe that the boy had such energy hidden in his petite frame .

Even though there was an ancient saying that went, ‘fearless like a newborn calf that isn’t afraid of the mighty tiger,’ the child before him was no mere calf . In fact, he was practically the tiger king of the newborns . The boy was not at all cowed by the impressive lineup in front of him .

His mother was equally shocked, for she had never seen her darling son looking so fierce before .

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While the boy might be a tad more mature and unusually earnest compared to his peers, he had always been the refined, little gentleman with his elegant and gentle disposition in her presence . The air surrounding him now, however, was vastly different from the energy he usually exuded; his presence at the moment seemed aggressive yet lethal .

Even when he simply stood there without saying a word, that overwhelming yet startling presence of his was on par with that of a seasoned figure like Mu Linfeng!

“I have no more intention of calmly talking things over with you guys since you have already clearly stated your stance . ” In an elegant move, he turned around and scoffed in disdain . “If it hadn’t been on the account of my father’s years of hard work, I would’ve long gotten rid of the Mu Group . ”

His mother’s eyes, meanwhile, bulged wide . She could hardly believe that such blunt and arrogant words had come from her son’s mouth—the mouth that had spoken nothing but sweet nothings to her .

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A memory of his warm smile and bright eyes surfaced right then of the boy parting his lips and spouting cutely, ‘I want a hug, mommy!’

That image then gradually fragmented, pulling her out of her daze . Youyou’s eyes were indeed teeming with iciness and hostility .

Although Mu Linfeng was choking over the boy’s arrogant words, he chalked them up to the boy’s ignorance and tender age . Only then did he simmer his anger and scoff . “Such pompous words coming from a boy of your age! You want to get rid of the Mu Group? Boy, this is no game; we don’t have the time to play house with you!”