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Published at 28th of November 2020 02:20:16 PM

Chapter 2105

“That’s really generous of you! The word out there about the Mus being made of money must be more or less true if you could so easily offer me any amount . ” A peal of contemptuous laughter escaped from her lips before she suddenly spoke in a tone so cold that it cut deep . “I never knew, though, that one’s dignity could be bought off!”

Mu Shumin could not resist scoffing in disdain when she heard that reply . She thought that the young lady was just putting on an act when she did not accept the offer right away, so she pretended to give the other a piece of well-intended advice . “There’s no need for you to play pretense with us anymore when things have come to this stage! Don’t bother acting as pure and demure as a white lotus . After all, who in the world doesn’t like money? If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have bothered slogging hard in showbiz . Since my brother has promised to give you money, you can just fill in any amount that you want; just make sure that it’s at a reasonable range . We won’t go back on our words and deny you this compensation . With it, you won’t have to continue your acting career and can just enjoy a life of luxury! Standing in your point of view, I shall give you some guidance: You’re still young, and there are plenty of good men in this world, so there’s no need for you to keep clinging onto my nephew . ”

Without mentioning anything else, what the elderly woman had just said was indeed quite enticing .

She could not help but be reminded of a matter that her assistant had once told her .

A member of a Taiwanese girl group had once dated the son of a gambling king for two whole years, and it could be said that the singer was well on her jolly way into marrying the man .

Alas, their relationship was met with the opposition of the male’s prestigious family .

It just so happened that the girl found out that she was expectant around that period and, thus, told her rich boyfriend about it .

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The guy informed his mother of this matter, who then told him to get his girlfriend to abort the child, for the family would never acknowledge the baby if it was born . He did according to his mother’s instructions, but the girl was adamant about having the child . She was certain that its birth would be of great help to her . Even if it was on the account of the child, she would stand a greater chance of marrying into the family .

She, therefore, secretly fled abroad during her pregnancy and only returned to the country after giving birth to her daughter . Just when her dream of marrying into a prestigious family was about to be realized, her boyfriend’s mother sought her out .

It was the first time she had met her beau’s mother—a snotty, rich lady—despite having dated the man for a long time . Even though the woman was just the fourth wife, she had long gained control of the entire family through many years of manipulation .

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The older woman made her stance clear to her son’s girlfriend that she could forget about becoming part of their family no matter what tricks she had up her sleeves . Since the child was already born, the family would take in the baby girl and raise her in the UK . The young lady, however, was to break up with her son at once . In return, she would receive an astronomical sum of hushed money as compensation .

Even though the singer was deeply in love with her boyfriend, she was equally crushed by his heartlessness, so she did not hesitate to accept this condition . She would not be too far on the losing end with the amount of compensation she received .

Besides, she was by far no match for this mighty family given her humble status and influence . His mother was no simple woman with her vicious means . Aside from bribing her, she also threatened to impose a ban on the singer and leave her with no out should the latter resort to any tricks .

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This seemed to be a time-tested method of the rich; it appeared that they could solve all their trouble by giving the female some money no matter what sort of woman they might be .

This was not the case for Yun Shishi, though .

Children could not live without their mother .