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Chapter 2095: 2095
Chapter 2095: An Important Discussion

The older man really had the ability to ruffle one’s feathers, for his provocation managed to rile up the young lady . She, thus, did not hold herself back when she shot back at him . “I’ve always been a stickler for courtesy, especially toward the elderly . While I might not be a rich, young missy or a socialite, I still know enough about basic manners . Nonetheless, there’s no way one can willingly respect an elder who flaunts his seniority and doesn’t know how to respect others . ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you . ’ Surely, you know this basic principle?”

Silence ensued on the other end for a while, and all she could hear was his heavy breathing . Cold, angry laughter could be heard moments later .

“For a useless woman like you, I must say that you have quite a vicious tongue! I’m in no mood for chit-chat, so listen up: I have an important matter to discuss with you, so I’m inviting you to come to the Mu residence! It’s all on my nephew’s account that I’m speaking so politely and extending such courtesy to you; that’s why don’t test my patience by stirring sh*t with me!”

“What are you saying? Since when have I ever done that? Rather, it’s you guys who have been—”

Mu Linfeng, who did not have the patience to listen to the woman any further, just rudely cut her off mid-speech . “Cut the crap and just get your *ss here! I’ll send you our address in a moment, so you’d better be here in half an hour! We’ll talk when we meet!”

“I won’t go! Even if I am, I’ll wait for my husband to return from work first!”

Despite her firm attitude, she was no match for the senior who had braved through countless storms and bloodbaths in his many years in the political arena! Even her husband’s rigorous means and temperament had more or less been picked up from his uncle .

The elderly one, meanwhile, was naturally very much ticked by her adamant attitude!

“Now, don’t go all aggressive on me, young lady! We’re no beasts; we won’t eat you up or do anything to you! You can be at ease that I’m only asking you to come over for a discussion—no dirty tricks! I’ve already informed my nephew about this, and he’ll be here soon . I suggest that you don’t make things difficult for the both of us if you don’t want things to turn ugly!”

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After leaving that threat behind, the old man promptly hung up the call .

As Yun Shishi held the phone in her hand, she could feel a blazing ball of fury surging within her, which was sparked by the caller’s antagonistic attitude . She was already feeling very offended in the first place, but he just had to say such things to her . She had the increasing impression that he was simply beyond reasoning!

Why should I go?!

There’s no way that the so-called important matter is anything good! I don’t even give a hoot about being Young Madame Mu to begin with! They are the ones who wouldn’t stop hounding me! Their relentless harassment is getting annoying!

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At the thought of this, however, the woman snorted .

Fine! It’s just as well! I haven’t gotten the chance to meet those people from the Mu family, anyway . Since Mu Linfeng has personally extended an invitation to me, there’s no reason for me not to show up!

I’ll go and make things clear to them once and for all! Be they pleasantries or nasty words, we’ll thrash things out today, lest they come harassing me again!

With the intention of having a showdown in mind, the determined woman rose to her feet and told her youngest son, “Youyou, I have to go out for a bit . Be good and stay at home with your brother . ”

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“Where are you going, mommy?”

“I have an important matter to attend to . You boys can take your dinner first . I’ll be back for dinner later in the evening . ”

“I’ll go with—”

“No need . You just stay at home . ”