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Published at 25th of November 2020 11:35:21 PM

Chapter 2096

Yun Shishi then went to the living room, where she put on an outer coat and tidied herself up before she hastily left the house .

By the time Little Yichen rushed to the front porch, his mother was already gone . Feeling baffled, he turned to ask his brother . “Did you make mommy angry?”

His twin shot him a withering look . “How’s that possible? She just left after telling me that she has an important matter to attend to . ”

“Oh… What sort of important matter does she have?”

The younger boy answered with a frown on his forehead, “Someone from the Mu family has seemingly invited her to go down for a discussion . ”

He was surprised to hear that .

Out of nowhere, his brother abruptly asked, “Who is daddy’s second uncle?”

His eyes widened in shock and he exclaimed, “Second grand-uncle?!”

“Is he the one who called mommy to go over?”

The other nodded with a serious expression .

As he bit his bottom lip, he paced back and forth anxiously at the front porch before suddenly saying, “What should we do? Second grand-uncle is a very domineering person . I’m afraid that mommy will suffer from grievances if she meets him on her own . ”

“That won’t do; I’m going over, too . ”

Youyou plucked his phone at once to give his subordinate a ring . Li Hanlin, who was in the middle of sorting out the company’s annual financial report, immediately dropped his work to go pick up his boss upon receiving the latter’s call .

It did not take long for the man to arrive at their house in his car .

After putting on their coats, the twins hastily left the house and got inside the car .

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The agent whipped his head around and asked, “Do you have any order for me, sir?”

“Drive to the Mu residence . ”

He was confused for a moment .

“The Mu residence?”

“Yes . ”

The boy shot the man a glare upon seeing his dazed look .

“Set off at once!”

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“Y-Yes, sir!”

Despite not knowing what was going on, the agent immediately stepped on the gas pedal to set off at once as told .

It was seven o’clock in the evening by the time Yun Shishi arrived at the stated address in a cab .

Her stomach was no longer crying out for food at this moment . Instead, she was consumed with fury as she paid the fare, alighted from the vehicle, and stormed toward the Mu residence .

The Mu’s main residence was located at Shimao Champagne Lake, which was the capital’s most expensive piece of land .

There used to be other residents living in this villa estate, most of whom were people with lofty status or affluent backgrounds . However, when the Mu Group later acquired this entire piece of land, they razed all other buildings—save for their residence—to the ground and re-did the whole landscaping as per the Feng Shui layout .

From what she knew about this place, the land here cost a jaw-dropping 500,000 yuan per square meter .

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Upon reaching the front gate, she was stopped by the security personnel manning the entrance, whom she just told straightforwardly, “I was invited to come here! You may report my arrival to the Mus . ”

The security, thus, made a phone call and, upon verifying the matter, allowed the woman in .

The walk from the front gate to the main residence was unimpeded, and when she finally arrived at the doorway of the house, she stopped to take a deep breath .

Speaking of which, it was her first time visiting the Mu residence . Her initial impression of this place was that it was imposing, and it was exactly how she imagined it to be . Ancient Chinese elements, such as a fake water feature and a pavilion, were used in the design of the main residence . Even the villa itself had been rebuilt to look magnificent and impressive .

With her fists balled up tightly, the woman tried soothing her emotions and felt somewhat calmer after a moment or two .

While on the way here, she had imagined all sorts of possibilities about Mu Linfeng’s intentions for inviting her here, but she could not derive an answer .