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Published at 24th of November 2020 10:35:16 PM

Chapter 2094

“I am a little tired, but I do not feel troubled at all . ”

Youyou smiled gently . His eyes teemed with warmth as if there were fragments of moonlight in them . “Using my heart to protect my home is an extremely happy feeling . ”

When they had just moved into this house, Mu Yazhe had hired a team of maids to keep the place pristine every day .

In the beginning, little lad was happy to be idle . Who liked doing chores, anyway? With these tiring and dirty chores being handled by the maids, he could relax and be at ease .

However, gradually, he began to feel that, though the house was spotlessly clean and he could relax to his heart’s content, there was some liveliness missing in it .

It felt like a clean and tidy hotel which was lacking in any warmth .

Therefore, apart from where his parents stayed, he decided to clean all the rooms and places in the house .

This way, he could feel the warmth of a home .

Youyou did not find this tiring at all .

Especially when he was washing his parents’ clothes, he would receive a spontaneous warmth from that .

Cleaning their home easily gave him a huge satisfaction .

If it were someone else, they probably would not understand such a feeling, but to a child born without a sense of security, this helped make up for some of the uneasiness he felt .

The boy smiled gleefully . “Mommy, I already feel at ease with you accompanying me like this . ”

As warmth filled her heart, Yun Shishi’s lips curled into a smile as she caressed his head gently .

All of a sudden, her phone rang .

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She took out her phone and saw an anonymous number on her screen .

Thinking that it was just a harassment call, she hung up immediately .

A few seconds later, her phone rang again .

She picked up the call . “Hello? Who is this?”

“Is this Yun Shishi?” An unfamiliar but deep male voice was heard from the other end .

From the man’s pitch, she could tell that he was between fifty to sixty years old, and based on the tone of his voice, he was a steady person who maturely handled things .

Her heart cooled secretly . The voice was not familiar, so she was unsure of the man’s identity .

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Still, the man speaking her name directly caused her to hesitate .

“How do you know my name?”

“Does knowing your name take you by surprise? He he! Your name is as familiar as the sound of thunder around here!”

This man seemed to be coming from a stance that was more like an enemy than a friend . His tone was laced with faint mockery and ridicule, which made one feel exceptionally uncomfortable .

Youyou heard the string of noises as well . Although he could not distinguish what was being said over the phone, he could faintly sense that the person on the other end was not friendly .

He stopped what he was doing and looked at his mother .

Yun Shishi’s voice turned cold . Since he was not being courteous, she naturally would not be friendly, either . The woman asked in an icy tone, “Who are you?”

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“I am Yazhe’s second uncle! I am calling you because I want you to visit the Mu family’s residence . I have something important to discuss with you!”

Inviting her to their Mus’ residence for a visit?!

It probably was not anything good, was it?

Naturally, she would not just go along with it hastily . “Asking me to visit the place for no reason makes it feel like an ambush . ”

“Young lady, the way you speak is really rude . You have no respect for your elders at all . Clearly, you don’t have a proper upbringing . I have no idea what Yazhe was thinking to acknowledge a woman like you . ”