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Published at 20th of November 2020 11:35:13 PM

Chapter 2081

“Are you sure that this is protection and not surveillance?!”

To him, this was not protection but surveillance, instead . He did not like the feeling of being monitored!

Several bodyguards froze . One of them replied obediently, “Grand master does not have other intentions . He is just worried that you might be stalked and assassinated for offending Ohlman . Therefore, he sent us to guard you . ”

Gong Jie’s expression eased a little .

He had offended the leader of a firearms group previously . He got a large part of the Middle East market from the firearms group’s tycoon’s hands . By completely taking away a piece of fat meat, he had undoubtedly enraged the man .

The ecological balance was paid close attention to on the firearms market . Hurricane Group was dominant on the market, but if they were to put it harshly, there was still 30 percent of the shares stranded elsewhere .

This was not because the organization was incapable . In all honesty, Gong Shaoying had the power to write this amount of shares under his name .

However, the firearms market was considerably fertile . This 30 percent included the government from each respective country and several big and small firearms groups . If they occupied 90 percent of the shares and became truly the dominant company on the market, then Hurricane Group’s power would definitely be an eyesore to many . Any dangers would then lurk everywhere for them .

For the ecological balance, his family’s organization let go of that ambition and took a step back in consideration of the bigger picture .

A little while ago, however, Gong Jie had snatched a huge chunk of meat from a firearms group . Afraid that his arrogance would bring forth disaster, Gong Shaoying had dispatched some manpower to shadow him .

He regarded Gong Jie highly .

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Apart from his innate capability, there was another very important reason for the high regard .

That was he had Mu Qingcheng’s blood flowing in him .

His father’s most beloved woman . He was wild about her even now . She definitely occupied the thickest and most colorful brush stroke in his father’s life .

For his mother, and as their flesh and blood, his father had spent a considerable amount of time and energy on him .

When Gong Jie returned to the family at the age of nine, he braved through many ruthless storms . With his father’s support, he was able to achieve the status he had today .

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Therefore, Gong Shaoying placed so much focus on him .

However, he was worried that with so much manpower dispatched to his side by his father, they may discover some clues . If his father found out about his sister’s existence, things would become complicated!

His sister was very happy now . Although he was unwilling to admit it, it was true that she now had a family and was leading a simple yet happy life with them . He could not bear to disrupt that peace .

The moment he thought of how these guys had been following him for so long, he was undoubtedly sure that they had a distinct grasp of Yun Shishi’s whereabouts .

He ordered, “Pretend that you have no idea what happened today; did you all hear me? If my father asks about it when you return, all of you should just tell him that I was resting in a hotel . ”

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“Second master, what do you mean by that?”

Gong Jie grabbed one of their collars and spoke coldly . “Pretend you know nothing about the whereabouts of the woman today . No one is allowed to disturb her . If I find out any of you reporting this to my father, I will kill you all!”

Several of them shivered in fear .