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Chapter 2080: 2080
Chapter 2080: Who sent you?

His sister said with a blush, “Look for me the next time you’re free, alright? I’ll bring you around . We’ve still got many places to visit!”

“I think we can forget that . Look at how jealous brother-in-law was; I’m afraid we won’t have a chance to enjoy our time together like this again . ”

“Don’t bother about him!” She was flustered .

After keeping quiet for a while, Gong Jie slowly revealed his thoughts . “He’s clearly a royalty—born with a silver spoon in his mouth—and must have enjoyed plenty of attention . ”

He had observed the man closely at dinner . His sister’s husband was a blue blood, for even the way he ate revealed his peerage .

The Gongs and the Mus were different .

His family owned a conglomerate, which was in control of a vast territory; it was a world-class entity .

As for his brother-in-law’s family, it had stood tall and proud for many decades . Their resounding reputation had gone for half a century and could not be matched by any other!

Even a dynasty would change every hundred years or so . Thus, it was still a feat for a family to persist beyond a century .

He could imagine the man being a proud aristocrat, who always got what he wanted . He was concerned that his sister would be bullied .

Still, he had no say in the affairs of her heart .

The young man broke into a smile, hooked his arms around her nape, and kissed her lightly on the glabella . “Sis, give me a call right away if brother-in-law ever bullies you . ”

His sister was stunned for a moment before chuckling . “Alright . Don’t you worry about me . ”

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“How can I feel at ease when it comes to my one and only sister?!”

She gave him a look of resignation . The woman had mixed emotions about her brother’s protectiveness, though she was happy to hear him express his concern, too . In the end, she just urged, “It’s getting late; you’d better hurry home . Remember to take an early rest!”

“Alright, sis . Goodnight . ”

He got in his car and drove off .

The woman stood and watched the departing car before she turned to walk back in the house .

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The Mercedes-Benz left Xiangti Walk and sped on the main road for some time before it came to a halt at a desolate spot .

Gong Jie alighted from the car, taking out his cigarette box for a puff . After he lit it up, wisps of smoke slowly rose in the air . The light flickered in the dark .

Before long, a jeep appeared close behind and stopped at the side as well . After the engine died down, there was no movement from it for a long time .

Holding the cigarette between his lips, he slowly walked over to the jeep with hands in his pockets . Once he reached the vehicle, he lifted his slender foot to hit the side of it viciously . It was a strong kick and made a dent to the door .

“Get off now!” he ordered coldly . The door opened and out came a few well-trained bodyguards who lined themselves in a row .

He sized them up expressionlessly before questioning frigidly, “Who sent you?”

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There was no sound from them .

“Answer me!”

His eyes glinted dangerously . He then continued with a loud snort . “You guys have been following me since morning, haven’t you?”

“Second master, we are under the grand master’s order to follow you for your safety . That’s his command! We are here to protect you!”

The man merely sniggered in response .