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Published at 20th of November 2020 11:35:10 PM

Chapter 2082

His imposing manner was terrifying . His few words were laced with a threat that left one’s blood running cold .

They nodded their heads frantically, instantly expressing that they would not disclose this matter to anyone .

“At the same time, go back and tell my father that I do not need your protection . Do you understand?”

“Yes, Second Master! We understand!”

“Go back!”

Gong Jie waved them off . The bodyguards got in the car as per his order and left speedily .

The man turned around, his eyes distant .

By the time Yun Shishi returned, Mu Yazhe was already home, but she did not see her two kids . He had probably chased them out for a walk on their way home and came back first .

The man was standing on the balcony, smoking quietly . It was rare for him not to be working in his study room .

There were several cigarette butts in the ashtray at the side . She counted it meticulously and saw that there were quite a few .

He was smoking quite intensely today .

Cigarettes were harmful to the body . She rarely saw him smoke; in fact, this was her first time seeing him smoking so viscously .

She was sensitive enough to know that he was in a bad mood today since returning home .

Perhaps he had encountered a problem at the company .

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Yun Shishi walked over slowly, her footsteps so light that he did not notice when she entered the room .

She carefully encircled her arms around him from the back .

Mu Yazhe froze for a moment . When he realized that it was her, he gently placed a hand on the back of hers and smiled faintly . “You’re back . ”


She responded before moving to his front . She took away his cigarette and extinguished it in the ashtray, asking in a reproachful manner, “You are smoking very heavily today . Are you in a bad mood?”

“No . ”

“Still denying it? You usually wouldn’t smoke so many cigarettes . ”

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She could not help but feel a little concerned . “Did you have some trouble at the company? You can tell me if you want; I can also give you some advice . ”

“What kind of advice can you give me?” asked the man with a loving smile . He caressed her head gently with a tinge of playfulness in his eyes .

“Even if I can’t give any advice, you can still consult me . ”

His lips curled into a smile as he mumbled, “Second Uncle talked with me today . ”


“He said that if I continue my involvement with you, he will be considering someone else for the family head position . ”

“What does that mean?”

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“Don’t let your thoughts run wild . ”

The woman shook her head hurriedly . “I won’t; don’t worry . Just tell me everything directly . ”

All of a sudden, he asked seriously, “I’ll ask you first; if I am no longer the Mu family’s head, will you still be willing to be with me?”

Yun Shishi pondered on this . She did not know where this question was coming from . After staying silent for a moment, she smiled and answered truthfully, “I did not choose to be with you because I longed for your status as your family’s head . When I chose to be with you at the start, it was because I wanted Youyou to grow up with a father by his side . Another reason is that I love you . ”

Mu Yazhe’s eyes glinted .

He already knew the answer in his heart but hearing her say it aloud today was a great gratification .

He knew that this woman was devoted to him not for his status . Deep down, he knew about this well enough .

What she wanted was really simple . Her dream was something he could easily satisfy .