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Published at 19th of November 2020 11:20:10 PM

Chapter 2079


Little Yichen was shocked by this unexpected turn of events . He covered his eyes with his hands in utter embarrassment but could not help leaving a tiny gap between his fingers to peek at the sight before him .

His younger brother was equally embarrassed and quickly turned his face to one side awkwardly . His cheeks flushed slightly as he tried not to stare at his parents .

Gong Jie was stunned by the sudden display of intimacy as well . The side of his lips twitched uncontrollably as he stared, wide-eyed, at his brother-in-law, who was slowly retreating from his wife after he did what he wanted to do .

Yun Shishi, too, was too dumbfounded by her husband’s action . After she finally recomposed herself, she looked wryly at the man, who appeared perfectly at ease as if his earlier action was nothing unusual .

It might have to do with the presence of her brother, for he appeared to be looking for a way to release his pent-up feelings of insecurity . Besides reinforcing his importance in her life through this act, he wanted to prove to his brother-in-law that he was this household’s head . Only he could be fed in this way .

He wanted to protest against his brother-in-law .  Now, this is truly the way to be fed; it isn’t what you’ve just enjoyed, and this privilege is reserved for me alone!

To his credit, the woman’s brother had a taste of such a unique way to be fed as well!

This brother-in-law of mine isn’t some tame beast, either, to goad me in this manner!

Actually, the young man could tell that his brother-in-law had done it to provoke him .

He curled his lips into a jest-like smile, not at all bothered by the way his brother-in-law had challenged him . He clung onto his sister elegantly, crying foul . “Sis, look; your husband is jealous of us!”

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The proud man merely snorted . This was when his younger son chipped in . “Uncle, my daddy is a terrible, green-eyed monster of jealousy . You’d better keep a distance from mommy . Daddy has gotten jealous of a dog in the past . ”

The boy’s uncle froze, his facial muscles twitching momentarily, when he heard this .

“What do you mean?”

“Mommy adopted a poodle . At first, she would carry the dog around when she wasn’t busy . Daddy became jealous of it and threatened to kick the dog out when he had a chance . ”

“Pfft—” The older boy giggled to himself following his twin’s words . When he saw his uncle looking at him questioningly, he stretched his little hand into the sky . “Yes, I can attest to that . It’s true!”

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The man in question continued to drink his soup with a stern expression . He did not appear to be bothered by their exchange; in fact, he wore the look of a jealous lover proudly on his face . Everyone had to give it to him .

Actually, Little Yichen was telling off his younger brother inside .  What do you mean by calling daddy a green-eyed monster of jealousy? Aren’t you the same?!

Of course, his uncle was no exception!

His entire family, in fact, had the same jealous streak except for him! He considered himself the most normal among them .

The young chap stated his intention to leave soon after dinner was concluded . He was set for North America tomorrow and had to prepare his stuff for his trip accordingly . Hence, he was eager to leave after the meal .

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His sister told him that she would see him off, which earned a look of displeasure from her husband straightaway . Luckily, Youyou was discerning enough to bring his father and brother out to walk the dog . This helped diffuse any possible clashes .

As the woman accompanied her brother to the gate, she asked with a smile, “Xiao Jie, did you have fun today?”

“Yes! It’s an unforgettable day to me . I always enjoy my day when I’m with you . ”