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Published at 17th of November 2020 11:45:06 PM

Chapter 2074: 2074
Chapter 2074: Feed Her in Person

“How heartless you are! Can’t I come to visit?” Despite the elegant smile on Gong Jie’s face, his eyes were teeming with provocation .

Yun Shishi, who had just finished pruning her plants, happened to enter the living room right at this moment . Upon spotting her husband, she smiled and waved him over in greeting . “Come; it’s dinner time!”

Her youngest son, meanwhile, removed his apron and hung it on the door . “Daddy, dinner is ready!”

Only then did Mu Yazhe let the matter drop as he walked over to the dining table, taking a seat by his wife’s side . The woman scooped rice into their individual bowls before saying, “Let’s dig in! Xiao Jie, you should try my baby’s cooking . ”


She then took out some clean chopsticks and distributed each of them a pair .

The twins hummed an acknowledgment in unison as they received their chopsticks from their mother, but they did not touch their food right away . Instead, Youyou’s dark orbs were on his uncle and his father; his curious gaze volleyed between the two!

With these two being nemeses, I wonder if a fight will break out between them at the dining table .

Surely, that won’t happen, right?

They must endure each other for mommy’s sake, after all .

The boy chortled to himself before sipping his drink . Just then, he saw his uncle, with a polite, smiling expression, pick up a chunk of meat and place it in his father’s bowl .

“Have a piece of meat, brother-in-law . ”

The man felt somewhat surprised by the other’s sudden affability toward him . His heart inevitably raced in nervousness as he cast him a skeptical gaze .

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Cough! The younger of the twins choked on his drink and very nearly spat it out of his mouth . It was all thanks to his elegant mannerism that he managed to stop himself in the nick of time . He swallowed it down with much difficulty before letting out a few coughs in lieu .

His mother frowned and hastily asked with concern, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!”

He dabbed the corners of his lips with a paper napkin . Is my uncle not in the right frame of mind today?

She looked at him strangely before continuing to put dishes in his and his brother’s bowl .

The woman then turned toward her brother, asking, “Youyou’s curried beef tastes pretty good; would you like to try some?”

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“Yep . ”

Before he could lift his hand, the enthusiastic woman picked up a piece of beef with her chopsticks and, using her other hand as a plate, lest the sauce drip onto the other dishes, delivered it right into his mouth .

He could not help feeling a little tickled . Is my foolish sister treating me like a little kid again?

As a little boy, he used to be very naughty when it came to mealtime . His mother had to chase him with a rice bowl in hand just to make him eat his meal . At times, she even wished that she could aim a gun at his head just to make him behave and eat his meals .

His sister, on the other hand, was a lot gentler . Whenever he threw a tantrum and refused to eat his meal, she would very patiently feed him a mouthful of meat, followed by a mouthful of rice .

He enjoyed being fed by his sister very much . Thus, at each mealtime, he would stick close to her and sit by her side, opening and closing his mouth nonstop just like a cute and willful baby swallow .

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His older sister did not mind this and would very patiently feed him one mouthful after another .

This was how he developed his arrogant and willful ways . The habit of needing others to feed him his meal was only gradually corrected after he returned to the Gong family .

The grown man, in fact, wanted to help himself, but upon meeting his brother-in-law’s hostile gaze, he changed his mind . He opened his mouth wide, allowing his sister to feed him a mouthful of the juicy beef .


His eyes widened in surprise as he savored the meat in his mouth .

It had been cooked to perfection with its flesh remaining tender and juicy with just the right amount of firmness . Meanwhile, the sauce, being neither too salty nor too bland, tasted very flavorful .

Even though he was not a fan of curry, the curried beef that his youngest nephew had prepared tasted unique and irresistible, which left him hankering for more .