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Published at 18th of November 2020 02:20:05 AM

Chapter 2075: 2075

As Gong Jie chewed on the beef in his mouth, his eyes scanned the spread of dishes on the table . His gaze finally landed on a plate of fragrant braised pork belly .

Noticing this, his sister diligently picked a piece of meat from that plate and fed it to him .

He chomped on it in satisfaction, slowly savoring its delectable taste and texture, which seemed to elevate his soul!

While he was happily enjoying his meal, the small ones and their father, in particular, were feeling somewhat gloomy . Like a child who had been neglected, Mu Yazhe slammed his chopsticks on the table as he regarded his wife with displeasure and indignation .

Isn’t this woman being a bit too biased here?!

Why does he need someone to feed him when he’s a grown, able-bodied man?

He’s totally behaving just like a five-year-old child!

He was somewhat upset at the moment, for he felt that he had been snubbed . The woman was his wife, yet she and her twin brother were behaving like a couple, instead .

Even Youyou felt aggrieved as he watched this from the sidelines .  Mommy hardly ever feeds me, yet she’s feeding my uncle food!

His early development let him eat on his own at the age of three . Since then, he never needed anyone to watch, urge, or even spoon-feed him!

His uncle, on the other hand, was fortunate enough to receive special treatment from his mother . Right from the start of the meal, the man had barely touched his chopsticks, for his gentle mother had been feeding him food . This intimate action between the two was indubitably an eyesore to the neglected father and sons!

Among them, Little Yichen was the one who felt the most discontented of all .

He had never been fed by his mother before, yet he still had to watch his uncle receive such ‘VIP’ treatment from her . It was only natural for his mood to dim somewhat .

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He exchanged a look with his brother . The boys then put down their chopsticks and hopped off their seats to approach their mother . With each standing on either side of their mother, they lightly tugged on her sleeves .

The puzzled woman looked down to find herself sandwiched between her children . They had their palm-sized faces lifted and their mouths wide open greedily .


Just like a baby bird waiting for its mother to feed food, Youyou gazed up at his mother with his mouth ajar and an expression of anticipation and eagerness on his face .

His older brother did exactly as him . The cute, fluffy sound that he made sounded as though he was waiting for her to bestow affection on him .

She could not help feeling thoroughly tickled by their acts .

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“What are you both doing?”

“I want mommy to feed me, too!”

The older boy petulantly made his request as he gazed pleadingly at his mother with his big, glistening eyes . Despite feeling amused, the woman held in her laughter and lightly reprimanded, “Go back to your seats and get your food!”

“Mommy is showing favoritism!” wailed the younger boy as he broke down in tears and accused his mother of committing a heinous crime .

“You feed uncle food yet refuse to feed us! You’re being biased here!”

The older twin nodded his head fervently . “I second that! The meat will only taste better if it’s fed by mommy! Feed us, mommy! Feed us!”

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He even started to throw a tantrum .

Feeling utterly helpless against the two impish fellas, Yun Shishi could only give in to their requests and feed them a piece of meat each .

With their cheeks stuffed, the little lads began chewing their food as they secretly shared a laugh between them . However, even though they had successfully gotten what they wanted, they were reluctant to leave their mother’s side, seemingly stuck to her now .

The twins began silently competing with each other as they desperately chewed on their food as fast as possible . The older one was the first one to swallow the food . He looked at his mother and opened his mouth again . “Ahhhh…”

It was obvious that he wanted her to feed him again .

Are they begging for affection?

The younger one soon swallowed the meat in his mouth and, while hugging on her arm, coyly pouted . “Mommy, I want more! Ahhhh…”