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Published at 17th of November 2020 02:30:05 PM

Chapter 2073: 2073

From what he recalled, his mother, who had silky-smooth hair, which reached her waist, would always have it tied whenever she worked in the garden with her pruning tools in her spare time .

After she left the Mu family, she got herself a job in a nursery, doing what she loved best—floral arts . Her works were well-received, which earned her quite the reputation in the field .

A wave of melancholia washed over him as his gaze lingered on these flowers .

Memories were the most terrifying thing ever, for the more beautiful people had of someone or something, the more heartbroken they would feel when they lost them .

The beautiful images in his mind suddenly fragmented and fell apart, jolting him back to the present . He was startled to discover that a tear had fallen from a corner of his eye .

Why am I crying?

It had been so long—more than a decade, in fact—since he last shed a tear . He thought that his heart had long turned into a piece of hard rock, so he was surprised to realize that he still had a soft spot in his heart .

Flustered and helpless feelings settled inside Yun Shishi as she watched her brother’s eyes turn moist . She quickly wiped his tears away with her hands .

“Xiao Jie…”

The man curled his lips in a wry smile, commenting, “Good things don’t last . ”

She nodded in agreement as she let out an inward sigh .

“Yeah . That’s why we must cherish what we have now . ”

“I’m bushed!” huffed Little Yichen as he opened the door as he panted his way to the kitchen to place the grocery bags in his hands on the countertop .

Youyou came in moments later and saw their uncle sitting at the dining table, deeply absorbed with the spoils he had won from playing the games earlier in the day . He took a closer look at the item he was fiddling with—a limited-edition model car which had been developed by Lezhi . For some reason, the man had taken the toy apart and was curiously studying its individual parts .

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“Ah… It turns out that uncle is still a child at heart,” coolly remarked the boy .

Upon hearing his voice, his mother popped her head out from the kitchen and greeted him with a grin, “You’re back!”

“Yep . ”

“I’m done cooking the rice,” she eagerly announced .

He puffed up his chest and shooed her away with a grandiose wave . “You may step aside now and leave the rest to me . ”

“I understand, chef!”

He then entered the kitchen with the rest of the groceries and swiftly proceeded with the selection—washing and cutting the vegetables . Fifteen minutes later, Gong Jie heard a series of clanking noises coming from the kitchen, followed by the loud chopping sound made by a knife on a chopping board . He could not help but be drawn to these .

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He found himself walking to the kitchen, where he saw his youngest nephew sectioning a French onion with a chopper in his hand while standing atop his exclusive stool .


The tremendous, shocking impact that he was dealt with from witnessing the little lad cooking in the kitchen caused his jaws to slack, forming a big ‘O’ shape with his mouth .

My nephew is so talented .

I didn’t expect him to be truly gifted in cooking, too .

Just by his cutting skills alone, he deserves full marks from me .

With the boy speedily and expertly wielding the knife, the ingredients were prepped and sorted accordingly in no time . As he stood before the gas stove, he proceeded to light it up, heat the wok, and then stir-fry the ingredients .

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The wok was too heavy for his limited strength, so he had to use both his hands to lift it . The action might seem somewhat clumsy, but as soon as the wok caught fire, he added a spoonful of oil and ingredients before stir-frying it in a dashing manner . A delicious fragrance wafted out of the wok .

The man watched the entire cooking process in awe .

The boy had just placed his last dish—a steaming hot soup—on the table when his father returned home from work . Mu Yazhe pushed open the front door, only to see Gong Jie sitting elegantly at the dining table as he flashed him a bright smile .

“My brother-in-law is back . ”

His expression instantly darkened .

Why is this person here?!

He could not help being a bit wary as he voiced the question in his mind . “What are you doing here?”