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Published at 12th of November 2020 11:15:05 PM

Chapter 2059: 2059

He let out an arrogant snort in response . “You couldn’t even bear to hear the truth?”

His sister’s head dipped as she blushed even harder .

Tickled by her shy countenance, the man guffawed . He could not resist tucking a lock of stray hair behind her ear .

“My sister is a beauty, and that’s an undeniable fact . ”

Whoever dares to deny it shall be shot to death!

“Enough with the teasing!”

She could not help being amused by him .  To think that this brat is just as clingy as ever even when he’s all grown up now .

“Where shall we go for our date?”

“Uh…” Despite having already stepped on the gas pedal and maneuvered the steering wheel in his hands, Gong Jie had no idea where they should go to enjoy their date . In all honesty, his longing for his sister was why he had called her out . No matter where they went, he would be content provided that he could enjoy her companionship .

Just some time back, he was tasked to go to the Middle East to settle a troublesome deal, which left him greatly frustrated . Hence, the moment he finished with the negotiation of the deal, he decided to meet with his sister .

He had not thought of any specific place for their date, however .

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes, a bit,” replied the woman as she rubbed her starving stomach . She had chosen to skip her breakfast in favor of sleeping in for the day . Thus, her stomach was growling for food now .

“Let’s go somewhere to eat then . ”

He drove the car all the way to the city center and had just parked his car in the basement of a shopping mall when he realized, much to his horror, that he did not have his wallet on him .

After digging through his pockets and searching all over his car, he only managed to find a few dollar bills…

He plastered an embarrassed smile on his face as he turned to his sister and asked, “Do you have your wallet with you, sis?”

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She searched through her pockets as well . Likewise, an awkward smile crept up her lips as she pulled out a hundred-yuan bill from a pocket .

“Is this enough for us to enjoy a big meal?”

The two fell silent for a whole minute as they looked blankly at each other .

Gong Jie broke the silence first . “I don’t think it’s enough to cover the minimum consumption cost at an average restaurant . ”

Yun Shishi: “…”

Unfortunately for her, her stomach chose to growl loudly right at that moment . The awkward atmosphere between them was now laced with gloominess as well .

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The man helplessly grazed his nose as he offered, “I’ll go back to the hotel to take my wallet . ”

“There’s no need to make a return trip just to retrieve your wallet!” An idea hit her right then . “I know a place where we still can enjoy ourselves with just a hundred yuan . ”

“Is that so? Where?”

“Xinmin Street!”

Half an hour later, the man parked his car at the roadside of Xinmin Street . The bustling food street, which was popular among locals, was a novel sight to him .

On top of the many small-sized restaurants and eateries, there were many small-scale departmental stores and dollar stores around .

One could find food ranging from spicy hotpot and Lanzhou pulled noodles to homecooked food here . As the street was mostly frequented by the working class and students, who worked and studied in the vicinity, it would become extraordinarily lively and crowded at lunchtime .

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Thus, the appearance of a bright, shiny Mercedes-Benz SUV in the local street inevitably attracted the curious and surprised gazes of everyone .

It made the woman feel like a national treasure placed in a zoo for everyone to gawk and stare at .

As the target consumers of Xinmin Street were the workers and students in the vicinity, they had little parking lots here . They were, thus, unable to find an available spot even after encircling the area . It made their situation even more depressing .

Fortunately for them, there was a hospital nearby . She suggested to her brother that they park the car in the hospital’s parking lot and walk over to the street from there .

“Can you take spicy food?”

Her brother stated, “You can choose anything you want . ”

The woman, who was fond of eating spicy food, then cheerfully suggested that they eat spicy hotpot despite her worries that he might not be used to such local dishes .

She was sure that, with him living such a pampered lifestyle, he had not eaten any street food like the one she had just suggested .