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Published at 12th of November 2020 11:15:09 PM

Chapter 2058

She wanted to celebrate the holiday with her family and spend more time with the twins to make up for the time she had been busy with work .

Early this morning, the ringing sound of her phone startled her awake .

The drowsy woman fumbled around the bed for her phone and answered the call, only to hear her brother’s mesmerizing yet sexy voice come from the other end .

“Are you free today, sis?”

She was wide awake now . “Xiao Jie?”

Youyou realized that his uncle had been dropping by in the country a lot more frequently these days .

One must know that Gong Jie, as the Hurricane Group’s chief commander, was mainly responsible for the affairs on the North American market . This was why he was swamped with work most of the time . What was more; the arms market was particularly popular recently, and this led to the growing number of orders with each passing day . Half of his time now was usually spent on traveling and negotiating deals .

His job scope was mainly about dealing with contracts and order forms and selling his family’s firearms at high prices to buyers .

The organization’s military factories, which were set up in remote areas, could be found domestically and internationally . Many of those responsible for supplying arms to the North American market were residing in the US .

Once the contract was signed and the deposit was received, he would lead his team of mercenaries to load the goods on a cargo ship and then safely bring them to their destination .

That was what he mostly did in his line of work .

He could be elegantly lounging in the president’s office to negotiate business deals the day prior, but the next day, he might be off to a specific war zone, braving the battlefield to deliver firearms to the frontline .

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He usually went on vacation only when he had spare time before, but things were different now .

He would fly back to the country and pester his sister to go out on a date with him at the first chance he got .

Yun Shishi was very curious about her brother’s occupation . Currently, all she knew was that he owned a company and had a property under his name . She knew absolutely nothing about what he exactly did for a living, and he refrained from mentioning it to her, too .

She spotted his car parked at the entrance as soon as she left the house . He was keeping a low-profile today and had specifically chosen to drive a Mercedes-Benz SUV, which had received bulletproof treatment and had its windows tinted with black film . With the windows rolled up, it was impossible for one to see who was in the car from the outside .

It suddenly hit her that that chap had driven a very flashy convertible sports car the last time they were out together, so she was surprised to find him driving such an inconspicuous vehicle this time .

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The reason he did so was actually to throw the spies his father had sent off his trail .

She opened the car door to the passenger seat to find him, with a hand on the steering wheel, tilting his body to face her with a bright smile on his face .

He was not dressed in white for once, much to her surprise .

Instead, he was dressed in a rare, all-black ensemble—sweater, trousers, boots, and sunglasses . He looked especially dashing and aloof at first glance .

It turned out that white was not the only color that suited him, for a trace of nobility and elegance still seeped through his arrogant demeanor despite being dressed in black .

The woman closed the door after she got in the car .

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Gong Jie looked at her deeply before suddenly unbuckling his seatbelt to lean over to her side . He placed a gentle peck on her glabella as he helped her buckle up . His hand reached out to stroke her silky hair, his eyes looking especially tender as he did so .

“You’re looking gorgeous today . ”

She was drunk on that sweet compliment; a furious shade of red crept up her face . Somehow, even though that compliment came from her brother, it made her heart race in excitement just like how a young teen in love would feel!

She teasingly replied, “Whoa! You’re showering compliments on me as soon as I got in your car . Spill it; do you have a favor to ask me?”

He was dumbfounded by what she thought of him .