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Published at 13th of November 2020 02:15:09 PM

Chapter 2060

She was sure that, with him living in luxury, he would not have eaten any street food like the one she had suggested and would, thus, shoot down her suggestion .

Who knew that he would end up nodding his head, instead?!

Everyone—diners and staff alike—in that tiny hotpot shop was so stunned by the appearance of the impeccably dressed siblings, especially the attractive-looking man, that their chopsticks in hand froze in midair!

For a moment, they all thought that the newly arrived couple was just a figment of their imagination, for they did not appear to be ordinary folks who would dine in such a small eatery given their getup . They reckoned that the two had come to experience the life of the common people on a whim .

Even the cashier, who was working at a nearby departmental store, gawked at the man . In a hushed voice, she told her colleagues, “Look! That man is such a hunk!”

“He looks so much better than the celebs we see on TV!”

“Is he perhaps a celebrity?”

“By the looks of it, he is more like a scion…”

Everyone was captivated by Gong Jie’s exquisite yet alluring features . There were several female students in the hotpot shop, and each of them was mesmerized by him . They could not stop marveling at his good looks .

The man paid them no attention, however, and simply turned to sit on a short stool . He then pulled out his hankie and carefully wiped the table clean with it in all seriousness .

Just as Yun Shishi picked up a basket in preparation to select the ingredients for their hotpot, she heard her brother politely saying to the shop owner, “We’d like to order one serving of spicy hotpot, boss . ”

The lady boss and everyone else was dumbfounded by his order…

One look and everyone knew that this young master had never eaten spicy hotpot before .

Stifling a chuckle, his sister told him, “That’s not how you eat spicy hotpot, Xiao Jie . ”

“Is that so…” He arched his brow in bafflement .

While selecting the ingredients and putting them in her basket, she explained, “You should pick the ingredients you want in your hotpot and add them into your pot of soup . ”

He lazily propped his chin up with his hand and petulantly requested, “Help me pick my ingredients, then . ”

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“Will you like what I pick for you?”

“I’ll eat everything that you pick for me . ”

Everyone cast envious gaze in her direction once more .

She could instantly feel… the prickling stares at her back .

It looks like… we’ve been mistaken for an intimate couple .

Helpless about the situation, she simply shrugged her shoulders and went to get two more baskets . While doing so, she shot a glare at her brother’s back .

The man just sat obediently in his seat as he waited for his sister, his gentle gaze never leaving her .

Two young ladies entered the hotpot shop right at that moment . Their eyes were instantly drawn to the refined man sitting in a corner of the shop . Both started tugging at each other’s sleeves as they engaged in a hushed conversation .

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“He’s really handsome…”

Their whispers happened to reach his sister’s ears . Yun Shishi coolly turned her head over, only to see them mustering their courage to approach her brother . Once they reached his table, they eagerly occupied the seats .

Sensing the presence of others beside him, he retracted his gentle gaze and cast a cold look at them . “This seat is taken . ”


The girls were so dazed by his looks that they failed to catch what he was saying .

“What did you just say, handsome?”

“I said: Get lost . ”

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The curt reply was spoken in such a cold and arrogant manner that it did not leave any face for the girls .

The two froze in their seats in an instant; their hearts were all broken .

A woman from the next table kindly told them, “Ladies, that seat is indeed taken; it belongs to his girlfriend!”


Gong Jie raised a brow in surprise, not expecting to be mistaken for a couple . Nevertheless, he did not bother correcting them .

His sister did not hear any of this exchange . Once she was done selecting the ingredients, she passed them to the lady boss .

Feeling bored and curious in the meantime, he picked up her phone and fiddled with it .

This phone was bought not too long ago and was quite exquisite considering that it was the latest model .