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Chapter 2057

After ten minutes or so, Lin Zhi returned with a fresh attire, though her expression was as sour as ever .

One by one, the producers arrived at the scene with Director Gu and a few investors . Hua Jin and the actress knew better than to continue their drama in the presence of these VIPs . Hence, everyone soon put away the unhappy incident . The dinner banquet turned into a boisterous event thereafter .

After taking a group photo with the entire crew and key members, the banquet finally came to an end .

As Yun Shishi engaged in a friendly banter with her assistant while leisurely strolling over to their car at the parking lot, a hand seized hers out of the blue .

Mu Xi was startled by this event until she recognized that the person holding her artist’s hand was Hua Jin . He lifted his index finger to his lips, signaling her to keep mum .

“I have something to speak to your charge . Can you give us a moment alone, please?”

The man was mindful of his manners when he made this request .

The assistant looked at her artist for her opinion and only retreated when the latter waved her away affirmatively .

The actress turned to face the young man, only to see him looking apologetically at her . The aloofness in his eyes had been replaced by gentleness this time .

“I’m sorry to make you suffer . ”

“What happened to you? Since your return from Sea City, you’ve been acting detached… Have I been a burden to you?”

“Not at all!” He was hurt to hear that she had such a thought and quickly explained himself . “I… I have to behave in this manner with you . ”

“Is it because of Lin Xueya?” The actress spoke out her suspicion inside .

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The man nodded, feeling disheartened, and said in a subdued tone, “Her spies are everywhere in the production team . I can’t get too close to you, or you’ll get in deep trouble . ”

“I’m not bothered . ” The actress told him calmly . “I see you as my brother just like how you treat me as your sister . We are family and have nothing of those frivolous attachments . ”

“That’s not what she thinks, though . ” He paused momentarily before continuing . “I don’t deserve your kindness . ”

“You aren’t deserving?” She chuckled softly . “How could someone be undeserving when he willingly put his life on the line for me?”

His eyes flickered at her words and he gazed with emotion at her; he was deeply moved .

“Shishi…” He hesitated, seemingly wanting to say more . Instead, holding a look of complexity on his face, he congratulated her . “You’ve wrapped up the show well and good . Congratulations . ”

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“Thank you . ”

After the two parted ways, the protagonist sat inside the moving vehicle and absentmindedly gazed at the passing scenery .

Mu Xi brooded the subject cautiously . “What did Hua Jin say to you earlier?”

“Nothing much . ”

“I see…” After keeping quiet for a while, the assistant blurted out, “Actually, he’s quite pitiful . ”

“Oh, why so?”

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The young lady answered, “He may seem to enjoy a good life with a rich lady supporting him, but in reality, he is like a canary in a cage and doesn’t have his freedom . He must be feeling lonely and helpless . ”

Her assistant’s heartfelt words for the young actor left her speechless . She said nothing in the end .

The end of the year drew near .

Qin Zhou decided to give her a rare early break . With slightly more than half a month to go before the year-end holiday, she took that chance to have a good rest .

Actually, many organizers had invited her to their New-Year celebration programs . One of them wanted to ride the popularity waves of ‘The Green Apple’ and asked her to go on stage to sing the theme song, but the actress asked her manager to reject the invitation .