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Published at 11th of November 2020 11:05:06 PM

Chapter 2056: 2056
Chapter 2056: Why do so many people dote on her?

Therefore, Lin Zhi tolerated this humiliation and suffered it in silence . She also realized that she should stop provoking the actress for now .

Hua Jin glanced at her before withdrawing his eyes quietly . He picked up a cup of tea and took a sip . However, he immediately furrowed his brows and spat it onto the plate .

Seeing this, Yun Shishi asked with care, “Is it too hot?”

He shook his head, his attitude slightly apathetic .

Her expression became a bit indifferent due to this .

Witnessing how her face had finally turned icy, the other woman let out a sneer .

When she did, the idol glared at her . Within seconds, he had tossed the slightly scalding tea in his hand at her!

Lin Zhi was unexpectedly splashed all over, screaming in pain as she had been burned . She stood up immediately, swatting away the hot tea on her body and shaking her clothes as she wailed .

Although she was nimble, her skin under the clothes had still been burned red .

The actor threw the teacup onto the ground harshly, causing it to smash into smithereens .

Everyone was stunned by his abrupt fury . They were all too afraid to even breathe .

Yun Shishi was taken aback, too . She did not expect that things would develop into such a scenario .

His face was extremely icy as he spoke coldly . “Don’t you dare show that face!”

“Hua Jin!”

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Lin Zhi cried in indignation, “What exactly are you trying to do?! You… Did you want to disfigure my face?!”

“Disfigure you?”

He smiled in disdain . “If I wanted to do that, the cup of tea earlier would not only splash on your body!”

Hearing this, she broke out in a cold sweat out of shock .

Indeed, this guy had been merciful to have only splashed the tea on her body . If he had tilted his angle a little, it would have landed on her face .

She was shaking with anger . It was winter thankfully and she was wearing thick clothes . Even if she had been burned a little, it was not to the extent of getting blisters .

If they had been in the summer, her bosom would have been ruined .

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She could basically say goodbye to wearing any sexy dresses for any event she attended!

However, having tea splashed on her was the greatest humiliation she had ever experienced .

She bit her lower lip, her eyes wet with tears . She choked on her words sadly as she asked, “Why… are you treating me like this?”

What did she say wrong?

She did not even say anything . The woman only subconsciously let out a sneer in mockery, yet she was treated this way!

Hua Jin let out an enchanting and mocking smirk . His expression was suggestive . “There’s no particular reason . I just found you an eyesore . ”


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What did he mean by an eyesore?

He changed his demeanor because he was just protecting Yun Shishi; that was all!


Why did she have so many people around her that would protect and dote on her?!

Lin Zhi was speechless with anger . She stomped her feet and her assistant at the side instantly went forward to calm her down, speaking with a pacifying smile, “Hey, don’t be rash . It’s alright! We’ll just change your clothes . ”

Following that, the assistant whispered into her ear, “Don’t stoop to his level; you won’t be able to win against him . I’ve checked it out, and it isn’t going to be much of an issue . Your clothes are just wet, so just change out and things will be fine . There’s no need to confront the idol over this… This person isn’t Yun Shishi; it’s not good to offend him . ”

The actress accepted her words and wiped away her tears harshly before turning around and following her assistant to the washroom .

Waiting until she was gone, the man returned to his seat expressionlessly . Everybody was slowly pulled out of their reverie and resumed their cheerful chatter and bantering . It was just infuriating, though, that things were not as joyful as before .