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Published at 9th of November 2020 11:35:05 PM

Chapter 2050: 2050

“Auntie Shumin, I see that you haven’t fully recovered from your injuries . Why don’t you stay at home to rest instead of finding trouble for yourself? I’ll advise you to leave this place to avoid further embarrassment . ”

“Don’t address me as your aunt! I will never acknowledge you as my niece-in-law! You can dream on!”

The older woman was adamant in giving the lass her biggest humiliation .

Unluckily for the middle-aged lady, the young one did not take the bait and refuted her, instead . “I address you as my aunt for the sake of my husband . You can’t blame me for being rude when you refuse to acknowledge me, can you?” After a brief pause, she continued speaking . “In any case, it suits me perfectly well . I have no wish to acknowledge another auntie like you; it feels too awkward . ”


Mu Shumin gnashed her teeth at the young woman’s witty retort .

“Let me give you a piece of advice: You’re an eyesore . It’s much preferred that you leave now to avoid further humiliation . ”

These words stabbed right at the older one’s heart, yet she could do nothing about it . Waving her hand furiously at her men, she ordered, “Hmph! Let’s go!”

Before she stormed off, she issued a final warning . “Woman, don’t be conceited! Do you think you are left to your whims simply because that chap is around to protect you? Let me tell you: The Mu family isn’t a household you can enter easily . You’ll never see that day coming as long as I’m around! Hmph!”

Soon after she got into the vehicle, it sped off the scene .

Yun Shishi watched the car disappear into the distance with a smirk, but once it was out of her sight, her countenance soon turned stiff before her breathing turned uneven . In reality, much like the senior woman, she was antagonized by this confrontation .

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This was not her first time being lambasted in public, except that this time around, she chose to bear the criticism as much as she could .

She turned to the men around her and thanked them with a smile . “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome! It’s our responsibility to protect you . We’re simply following Chairman Mu’s order . ”

“No matter what, I still want to express my gratitude for your help!” she thanked, smiling as she raised a question . “How did you know that I was in trouble?”

“The chairman instructed us not to intrude into your privacy, so we’ve been shadowing you quietly . ”

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They were dispatched to protect her in secret as soon as she returned home, and they, being the best of the best, naturally carried out their assignment without a hitch . This was why she had never discovered their existence .

Her heart was warmed even while she gawked at the thought of what she had missed right under her eyes .

It turned out… that her man had been protecting her even though there was no mention of it . He had always been like this, taking action without saying a word .

Meanwhile, the assistant brimmed with envy as she whispered to her artist, “Shishi, I’m so envious of you! Chairman Mu is always looking out for you . I didn’t know that he sent his bodyguards to protect you . Thank goodness for them . If not, we would’ve been done for! Those people brought here by that old woman would easily break our bones!”

“That old woman…” Yun Shishi laughed . “Has your mouth turned vicious only after she left?”

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“What to do?! I’m just a small fry and must maintain a low profile before her . With her status, she could easily crush me!” The young assistant could not help expressing her forlorn envy, though . “If I had your husband’s protection like you do, I would say anything I wanted to say, much like a crab allowed to get its way crawling horizontally . ”

A crab?!

What a description .

The artist was very much amused .

“Alright . Don’t let this bother you anymore . It’s late already, and we should be on our way . ”