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Published at 9th of November 2020 11:35:08 PM

Chapter 2049

His manner was respectful but the crispness in his tone underlined the authority in his words . Their intention was clear; these men would do exactly what they were instructed to do!

It took a while for Mu Shumin to comprehend the underlying message fully . In the end, the middle-aged madam was thoroughly antagonized, and she glared hatefully at the young woman, who was well protected by this group of trained personnel . The actress, in contrast, was calm and composed as she stood looking at the elder’s infuriated expression .

This b*tch must’ve ripped that young chap’s soul!

How dared he openly challenge me because of a lowly sl*t? I’m his aunt for goodness’s sake!

She was especially upset to find her men badly beaten and humiliated .

However, looking at the situation presented before her, she knew that she could do nothing to the woman—well, at least that was the case today! Both had pitted their power against each other, and it was obvious that she had come out as the loser!

She had taken almost a month to recuperate from that beating she had received during her nephew and this woman’s engagement . Unfortunately, she was unable to recover completely from her injuries . Now, even walking was a challenge!

After she returned home, she ruminated on everything that had happened and felt angrier . Hence, she decided to exact revenge on this young woman, who had brought woes to her .

Alas, when she brought up this matter to her elder brother, she was severely rebuked by him .

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“Are you mad?! Do you know who she is? Her brother is Gong Jie, the chief commander of Hurricane Group, which is owned by the Gongs! Going against her is as good as declaring war against that formidable clan! They will come after you if you do something to her!”

“The Gong family?” The middle-aged woman obviously had no clue regarding their arch-enemy .

Her brother sniggered at her ignorance . “If you had paid more attention to these matters, you wouldn’t have been led by the nose by that young punk!”

She was defiant but feared and revered him, nevertheless . As such, she decided to lay low in the meantime and focused on her recovery, instead .

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Deep down, she chalked up her bad experience during the party as a mere accident . If she had brought her men with her that day, she would not have had anything to fear!

Gradually, with her increasingly negative thoughts, her grudges turned from bad to worse . How could the Mus allow themselves to be humiliated by the Gongs on their turf? Surely, they would become a laughingstock if others were to hear about it!

Finally, she could sit still no longer . After finding out that Yun Shishi would be filming in this location for a few days, she gathered her men to plan this surprise attack just to teach the lassie a lesson .

She would never acknowledge this niece-in-law!

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Just look at this wench! She’s already so conceited without our prior approval . This vixen is out to put me down with a grand show of power . Can one imagine what she’ll do once she officially enters the Mu household!?

She could do nothing about her useless nephew’s choice in partner, but she could no longer turn a blind eye to his blatant indulgence of this woman . This was the reason for his wife’s rude insolence!

Alas, her act of vengeance had backfired on her presently . If only she did not fear those bodyguards around the young woman, she would rush up to her to give a few tight slaps!

“He he! I see that you have it all planned out!” The older woman could not help lapsing into bitter scolding again .

The young lady threw a frigid glance at her and pursed her lips momentarily before retorting, “As a senior member of the Mu family, you ought to display a respectable demeanor instead of behaving like a clown . ”