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Chapter 2051: 2051

After the elderly woman reached the Mu residence, she sat, fuming, on the sofa in the living room . When she recalled her humiliating defeat earlier, she was overcome with anger and swept the teapot and cups on the table to the floor .


The porcelain utensils smashed to the ground and broke into pieces, with the tea splashed across the floor .

Mu Yancheng, who happened to be visiting Grandmaster Mu, witnessed this scene when he came down from the second floor . He was stunned to see his aunt hitting the roof .

“Aunt, what happened? Who has antagonized you again?”

“Who else could it be except that b*tch!”

She was so upset that she could not be bothered to watch her language .

The man knew the intensity of her rage this time and scanned the room quietly with his eyes . The servants read his body language well, and one by one, they retreated from the room as hinted .

Finally, when the two were the only ones left inside the spacious hall, the young man went up to his aunt, gently stroked her back, and comforted, “Don’t be upset! Tell me what happened . ”

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“What’s the point of telling you? Can you stand up for me or help me teach her a lesson? You can’t even win against your second brother, so what’s there to talk about?!”

His aunt had always been upset that her young nephew could not be compared to his contemporary . Her words were especially biting today as she seethed with anger and humiliation .

The young chap ‘s face burned with disgrace and indignation, but he had no rebuttal to her words .

Wearing a deadpan expression, he inhaled sharply, clenched his fists tightly, and gritted his teeth in displeasure before he could stomach the humiliation he had just gotten from her .

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“Well, I need to be qualified to compete with my second brother, right? He is the head of this household now, so how can I fight with him in terms of power and status?”

His aunt sat in stony silence for a long while before she took a deep breath and slowly explained, “I went to look for his woman today . ”

“Oh?” He looked at her and asked, “Why did you look for her?”

“I wanted to teach her a lesson as a senior in our family, but guess what happened? Your second brother had a team of men protecting her secretly all along, and my people were badly beaten by them . ”

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When she recounted that incident, her anger flared up again .

“Calm down; why did you bother with that b*tch? She’s not worth your trouble . ”

“What do you mean? She’s riding on your brother’s indulgence and will soon ride over my head, too! How could I not be bothered? She’s not paying me the due respect as her elder, so she deserves to be punished!”

Mu Yancheng let out a sinister smile . An evil glint gleamed his eyes as a scheme formed in his head .

He placed his hand gently on top of his aunt’s and told her at once, “Don’t you find my second brother turning from bad to worse after he was declared as this family’s new head? This is a warning sign! As this household’s leader, he should put the family’s interest above his, but look at him now; he’s causing a grave disturbance just for a woman . Now that the elders are not happy with him, how can we continue to let him hold the power? I really don’t understand why grandpa is so insistent on him being the heir . From what I can see, he has let our family down!”

Truth be told, he had long had his eye on the position Mu Yazhe was holding for a very long time . Alas, he was in no way competent with his second brother in terms of business acumen or capability . The latter had the charisma and leadership qualities since young . Besides, his second brother held the glorious position of being the son of the firstborn—hence, the rest of his siblings dared not even think of competing against him .