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Chapter 2048: 2048

The middle-aged woman was caught by surprise by the sudden appearance of these trained men and stumbled a few steps backward in horrified alarm .

It was only when a few of her men came around to put her behind them protectively that she managed to calm down somewhat .

Following that, she took a careful look at new arrivals and gave a cold snort . She could immediately tell whom these men reported to .

Mu Yazhe had a team of elite guards, with some of them even from the special forces . These men, who used to hold high ranks while serving in the army, were retired front-line soldiers . All of them were highly skilled and had actual combat experience .

Only the head of the Mu household could have access to such a skilled team . She knew, there and then, that her nephew had sent these men to protect the woman .

The thought was enough to make her hit the roof .

That rascal is incorrigible! He’s besotted to this woman beyond hope!

Once, she asked him for some bodyguards, but he adamantly refused . The thought that he had sent these experts to protect this b*tch incensed her so much!

The outcome was settled within a few minutes . Despite her men being trained, they were no match for her nephew’s bodyguards at all . In fact, they had been merciful in their retaliation to her men .

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The older woman flew into a rage and exclaimed, “How dare you?! Are you guys crazy enough to defy me?! Do you know who I am? How dare you do this to my people!”

Alas, the other side paid no heed to her and merely continued beating her people . She bellowed at the top of her lungs, “Are you all mad?! Do you hear what I’ve just said?! Stop it! I command all of you to stop it now!”

Just as she finished her words, her most dependable bodyguard was sent flying through the air and landed right next to her . He had been kicked in the ribs and was rolling on the ground in agony . Her gang was fighting burly men of at least 1 . 8 meters in height . With their overpowering strength and hardy leather boots, it would not be unusual for her men to suffer multiple broken ribs in this fight .

The middle-aged woman was stunned by her gang’s defeat and let out a scream of horror .

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“How dare you?! Y-You… Are you all nuts?! This is crazy! I’m the aunt of Mu Yazhe! I told you to stop!”

Mu Xi, who was standing beside her artist, was shocked by this revelation .

Having found out that their assailants were sent by someone from the Mu family, and one who was more senior than Chairman Mu, she dared not utter a word anymore . She could see where the arrogance of the older woman was coming from, and she knew that she had no place to fight against that authority .

At the very least, her artist was still the wife of the man . As for her, she had no one to stand up for her if she were to shoot her mouth off . The assistant could truly not afford to offend this obnoxious woman .

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One of his men turned to the older woman and stared her down with a glint . The elder could not help backing off toward her car, trembling in fear, as the man gave off a menacing aura .

He finally spoke in a stern, low voice . “Director Mu, Chairman Mu has given us a firm order . Regardless of who they are, we aren’t to show mercy on those who try to harm the lady in any way!”