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Published at 8th of November 2020 10:50:05 PM

Chapter 2047: 2047
Chapter 2047: Do not threaten me with that chap!

“He he! You seem to be looking good!”

Mu Shumin walked to them with an evil smile . The young assistant noticed that the middle-aged lady was limping as she approached them, apparently suffering from injuries in her lower limbs .

The actress suddenly recalled the bad thrashing this elder had received from Gong Jie’s men after she attempted to cause mischief in her engagement . It seemed that the latter was crippled because of that beating .

The older woman must have held a grudge against her for the humiliation she had received that day, and that was why she was here to seek trouble with her!

The elder got many of her men this time, seemingly wanting to return double the ill fate she had suffered that day . It appeared that the Mu lady was adamant on finishing her off .

Mu Xi, with her face full of alarm, pulled her charge along as she backed away from the gang warily . She barked, “What do you want?!”

The older woman merely laughed savagely . Without another word, she waved her hand and gave a blood-curdling command . “Teach her a bloody good lesson! Don’t go easy on her!”

As soon as she said that, the few men in black marched toward the two ladies determinedly .

The young assistant let out a fearful scream!

Are they really going to turn rough on us?


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Who the hell is this woman?!

The young girl could not recognize the face of the mean woman, but she could tell that the men were trained to kill . It would be child’s play for these folks to break their bones!

She cried foul . “This is a well-known film studio, and there are many reporters around here . Aren’t you ashamed of using violence on two defenseless ladies under broad daylight?!”

“Defenseless? Hmph!”

The middle-aged woman looked at the actress and snarled, “Aren’t you a vixen reincarnate? What sorcery did you use on that nephew of mine to make him lose his mind around you? It seems that I really need to teach you a good lesson today!”

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The other was uncannily composed . “Are you here just to teach me a lesson? Is Mu Yazhe aware of this?”

“Shut up! Don’t use that chap to threaten me! Even he must look up to me in terms of seniority! Do you think I ought to seek his permission when I want to teach a b*tch like you a lesson?!”

The lady rebutted, “That’s not true! What did I do to offend you that you need to resort to this?”

Knowing that the actress was just trying to stall for time, the older woman waved her hand and snapped, “Are you still trying to argue with me? Well, let me tear your mouth apart this time! Get her!”

The men in black swiftly surrounded the girls following the given order . These men were her personal bodyguards, and one could tell that they were trained in combat .

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The young assistant screamed in terror as one of the men moved to send a slap across her artist’s face—

Suddenly, Yun Shishi could feel a rush of cool wind sweeping past her, and in the blink of an eye, an armed man appeared right beside her . He reached his hand and pulled her protectively behind him while using the other arm to block the vicious slap .

Mu Shumin was totally thrown off by the retaliation .

As the sky had turned dark, she could not tell where the protector had come from . However, judging from his crisp actions, she reckoned this person to come from the special force .

The actress stared at the man, dumbfounded . In the next second, five or six more men in similar getup rushed to the scene and started exchanging blows with the elderly lady’s gang .