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Published at 7th of November 2020 11:05:05 PM

Chapter 2044: 2044
Chapter 2044: Wrecked Reputation

“There’s an acquisition deal tomorrow which requires an international video conference . ”

“Noted, boss . ”

“Have you found out anything about that matter?”

“Yes . ” Min Yu nodded . “Do you recall storing and freezing your sperms in a sperm bank seven years ago?”

“Uh-huh . ”

They had once prepared for an artificial insemination procedure at one of the Mu Group’s private hospitals seven years ago .

Everything had been prepped, and all that was left was the results of Yun Shishi’s medical report . If there were no issues with her, the artificial insemination procedure would go as planned .

Alas, the report revealed that she was unsuited for such a procedure due to her body constitution .

The Mus, as such, gave up the plan of using that method .

The hospital, in turn, froze the sperms in nitrogen canisters and stored it away in the sperm bank should a need for them arise in the future .

How did that end up in Song Enya’s hands, though?

A doubtful look crossed Mu Yazhe’s face as he regarded his assistant, who lightly added, “We’ve already gotten hold of the person behind this matter . He’s currently undergoing investigation . ”

“Hah . ” He tugged his lips coldly in question . “Is she still at the hospital?”

“Yes . She’s currently nursing herself back to health since the doctor advised her so . I also heard that the doctor is going to arrange for her to undergo IVF-ET . Do you want me to stop the procedure, boss?”

The poker-faced man allowed his lashes to droop for a moment before he suddenly curled his lips in a deep, meaningful smirk . “No need for that!”

“?” The assistant was thoroughly baffled .

“Sir, may I know what you mean by it?”

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He replied, “Since she desperately wants a child, let’s just fulfill her wish . She thinks she can successfully marry into the family just because she has a child, huh? How ambitious she is!”


“Just do as I say and don’t raise any alarms . ”

As he lifted his chin, he rubbed a finger over his lips with an evil glint in his eyes .

“I’d like to see just what game she is playing!”

Min Yu fell silent .

Boss, need you be so scheming?

Your schemes are terrifying .

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At the thought of this, he uttered a silent prayer for the young missy again .

Out of all people to offend, that spoiled missy just had to offend my superior .

Uh… Now, she’s going to end up dying a horrible death .

The assistant concluded his prayer by mentally drawing a cross over his heart .

After taking a few days of break, Yun Shishi was all ready to return to the production team to complete filming what little was left of her parts as soon as possible .

Alas, she just had to bump into Lin Zhi upon returning to the set .

The phrase, ‘Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road,’ was, somehow, very fitting for them at this instance .

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Her nemesis was practically fuming mad as she glared at her through clenched teeth, seemingly wanting to make mincemeat of her .

A smile spread across her face in response . She felt unbelievably delighted to see such a look on the other!

She just loved seeing how the other woman was unable to finish her off when she hated her to the core .

The more senior actress must be feeling very aggrieved these days .

The fiasco about her robbing the rookie’s Best Actress award at the Golden Eagle Festival had not faded off . Even now, many netizens were cursing her, fabricating stories about her, and hurling insults at her . Many fans teamed up to form a jury and left comments under her Weibo page, requesting her to return the award to its rightful owner and make a public apology to the newbie artist .

She had actually already given up the award . It was just that the rookie actress found it dirty and did not care to receive it .

Just imagine how aggrieved she felt, having already received such tremendous humiliation .

What more can I possibly do? Is she only gonna give up once I’m down and out?

Yun Shishi simply sidestepped the other as she made a move to leave .