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Published at 8th of November 2020 10:50:10 PM

Chapter 2045

Yun Shishi simply sidestepped the other as she made a move to leave but got suddenly tugged back by the latter .

“What do you want?”

“You!” Lin Zhi grabbed her sleeve, forcing the rookie actress to face her . “What do you exactly want with me?! Isn’t it enough that things have reached this stage?!”

“Enough?!” She inclined her head, looking frosty . “What do you mean by that?”

“Weren’t you the one who incited the netizens to turn against me?! How could you be so vicious as to bully me online?! Hah! You’ve really gone to great lengths just to put a crackdown on my popularity!”

“Come again?” The rookie actress chuckled . “How presumptuous of you . Who do you think you are for me to waste my efforts into? We could just have a fair competition, but you had to resort to using dirty tricks to win that award . Since you’ve done such a thing, you should just own up and bear the consequences of your actions . It’s rather low and shameless of you to push the blame onto others . ”


Being lowly educated, the relatively more senior starlet was by far no match for the newbie once the latter started unleashing her sharp tongue . She could, as such, only glare viciously at the other with bulging eyes, wishing to slice her flesh .

“Don’t glare at me that way . ”

“Trust you to accuse me of being shameless . What about you, huh? Who do you think you are? You yourself are a mere entertainer . Does acting give you a sense of superiority? Hah! From what I’ve heard, you’re no more than a kept woman and a plaything of Mu Yazhe! Don’t think that, just because you have things going easy right now, you can do whatever you want and act all lawlessly! It’s only a phase! Do you think you can really become a rich mistress after hooking up with him? You’re nothing in the eyes of the rich! You won’t even be able to get past their doorway, so don’t go about with your nose in the air just because you have his backing!”

“Kept woman? Plaything?”

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The rookie broke into chortle when she heard those words, which were practically dripping with jealousy!

Regardless if she were just a kept woman, by the looks of it, this woman before her was still envious of such a status .

True enough; the man’s name alone was sufficient to attract bees!

Lin Zhi snapped back . “What? Do you think of yourself as his other half? You’re just his dalliance—a fling at most! He’ll kick you to the curb once he gets sick and tired of you!”

“It’s exactly as you said; I’m still in his favor . Aren’t you afraid that I can have you crushed with just a finger if you keep offending me?”

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The newbie artist maintained an elegant smile on her face . “Besides, I’m no such thing . ”

“What else do you take yourself as besides that? His wife?” With a look of disdain, she sneered . “Carry on dreaming if that’s so!”

“Ha ha… I’m sorry to disappoint you, then . ”

With a smug smile, the woman raised her hand a bit and gently moved her fingers .

On her ring finger was an enormous, dazzling diamond ring .

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“W-What… What’s that?!” She squinted her eyes at the item . “Ha ha… What a huge diamond that is . Surely, it isn’t a fake?”

“Oh, how pitiful you are . ” The rookie shot her a sympathetic look . “How about getting your sugar daddy to bring you out more often to see the world? If you have the money to manipulate the results of the film festival, you may as well use it to broaden your knowledge . You’re being an embarrassment here with your lack of insight . Did you think that I’d wear an imitation in public and treat it as a piece of treasure like you would?”

As she spoke, she cast a meaningful glance at the diamond necklace dangling on the other’s collarbones .

The so-called high-quality imitation jewelry referred to the usage of the same raw materials to create a piece of jewelry according to the original design . While the item itself was real, the quality was comparatively lousy .