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Chapter 2043: 2043

The young missy had gone all out this time . She decided against informing her family of her whereabouts, lest her location should eventually be leaked to the man .

Her father, Song Zhengguo, got so furious that his blood pressure shot up tremendously, nearly resulting in him suffering a stroke . The moment he learned that his older daughter had gone missing overnight without a trace, the man gave his wife a fierce tongue-lashing .

“Look! Just look at how you’ve brought up our daughter for her to turn out this way! She’s gone missing from the hospital in just one night as though she had disappeared from the face of the earth! How well-raised she is!

“Enya might be an insensible child, but surely you aren’t!

“The child must be found as soon as possible! God forbids; If anything happens to her, I’ll divorce you!”

Jiang Qimeng had already been feeling quite worried and listless while she sought her connections’ help in finding her daughter’s whereabouts . Having to receive such insults from her husband to boot, for a moment, she harbored thoughts of committing suicide .

How dare he even bring up a divorce?!

Is it truly my sole responsibility for the way our daughter turned out?

Among us, he’s the one who spoiled his daughter the most . He bears a large part for the way she turned out .

When their daughter was still a kid, the husband would always scold his wife whenever the latter wanted to discipline their child when she misbehaved .

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Aggrieved yet helpless tears were shed from her eyes as she recalled this .

No way will I get a divorce!

I might as well as die!

I’ll become the butt of jokes if I get divorced at this age!

Even if I must die, I’ll die as the dignified wife of a mayor .

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The woman felt greatly disheartened .

She had nowhere to pour her sorrows despite the great grievances she had accumulated over the years in this family .

Possessing the title and status of the mayor’s wife, she enjoyed a glamorous life on the surface and even had her vanity greatly satisfied with the courteous attention she received whenever she mingled with those in upper society .

However, despite all that and how pleasant the title of the mayor’s wife sounded, she had no place and speaking rights in this patriarchal family at all!

Putting aside the issues of living her life in trepidation and her turning a blind eye to her husband’s many infidelities outside the household, she had to submit herself to the mercy of others in the family . Even Song Enxi, that spoiled lass, had no regard for her, let alone her husband!

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Even now, she was unfairly blamed for her daughter’s disappearance for no good reason . Imagine how aggrieved and miserable she felt!

Sitting quietly at the side were her son and youngest daughter, who was hiding in her brother’s arms out of fear and not daring to make a peep . All the little one knew was that her older sister had gone missing and was equally clueless on her whereabouts as the rest of the family .

Throughout, Song Yunxi did not mention anything about the missing money in his bank account . He dared not broach the subject at all, for his father would surely fly off the handle and lash his anger at him once he found out about it .

All he wanted was for his sister to be found as soon as possible . As for that sum she had misappropriated, he only suspected that she must have a need for it, though what she intended to do with it was ultimately unknown . He, therefore, dispatched additional men to search for her for fear that she would get herself into hot waters .

After his meeting concluded, Mu Yazhe returned to his office to find his assistant positively beaming at him . The man had yet to say anything, but from Min Yu’s confident-looking face alone, he could guess what this was all about .