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Chapter 2039: 2039
Chapter 2039: Preparing for Conception

Therefore, she tried to be more perfect .

He said he would accompany her, though .


Was he just coaxing her, or did he really think that way?

Yun Shishi suddenly felt that she had gone far enough . She obviously wanted to hear such assuring words from his mouth, yet she still doubted the truth of his words even after he had said them .

This man had probably never bothered to put on a hypocritical show of affection before .

If he could say something like that, this meant that he truly thought that way .

Perhaps… She was so insistent on feeling that sense of security from him that she could not help worrying when she got it .

The woman locked her arms around him and hugged his defined back tightly .

This was enough . This was truly enough!

She was an easy woman to satisfy . She did not ask for much . If he could say something like that, it proved that she truly held an important place in his heart .

No matter what he said, she would believe him unconditionally .

Even if they were lies, she would believe them until the end .

She would swallow any poison he gave her with a smile as well .

This was how much she trusted him .

“You’re not angry anymore?”

As he saw her expression finally softening, Mu Yazhe pinched her cheeks and planted a kiss on her lips .

This little thing! Her bad mood always came and went quickly . Moreover, she was perfectly satisfied after just a bit of coaxing from him .

Seeing how satisfied she was, he suddenly felt an emptiness in his heart .

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He realized now that this woman actually did not want much .

All she needed was a sense of security .

She was different from the rest .

If this were other women, their anger would only dissipate when men gifted them expensive jewelry, Hermès bags, big brands like Chanel, diamonds, and rings . Only then would they beam with joy .

In contrast, all she wanted was just a word of affirmation from him . Happiness bloomed in her with just a promise or a statement that she was important to him .

He realized ruefully that what she wanted was so negligible, yet he could not even do it well!

He felt a harsh stab to his heart!

It would not happen again .

It really would not!

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He would never let her be caught in any calamity or let her feel desolate again . He would never let her come up with reckless conjectures…

Mu Yazhe held onto her, his heart filled with debt toward her .

He had been mulling over her thoughts these past few days, but in the end, he realized that what she wanted was something so simple .

Throughout the endless night, he held onto her and coaxed her as they fell asleep in each other’s arms .

At dawn, Yun Shishi opened her eyes to find the other side of the bed empty .

The man had already left .

He had gotten up early and was out of bed at 7 AM . He placed a morning kiss on her forehead and left after taking a shower .

The production team was on a break these few days, while Qin Zhou was plagued with work . It was rare for her to have some leisure time alone . Deciding to recuperate from the exhaustion from her jetlag, she turned over in bed and fell back asleep once more under her covers .

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In the Mu Group’s building .

When Mu Yazhe arrived at the office, his assistant had already been waiting for him for a few hours .

Just as he entered the room, Min Yu dashed over in greeting .

“Boss, we have news . ”

“Speak . ”

“She’s currently in Baltimore, Maryland in America, but don’t worry, though, as her journey is under our control . The people sent over have been instructed not to alert her . They’re currently monitoring her every move . ”

The man sat down at his table .

“Baltimore, Maryland? Where is she exactly?”

“Johns Hopkins Hospital . From the latest intel we received, she’s apparently preparing for conception . ”