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Published at 6th of November 2020 11:50:09 PM

Chapter 2040

Mu Yazhe raised his eyes abruptly . His gaze was solemn .


“Yes . ”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure . ”

Min Yu avoided his gaze . Without warning, he walked over and bent down to whisper something to his ear .

The man’s expression turned icier as a spine-chilling look surfaced in his eyes .

His assistant straightened up at once and, observing the man’s complexion, trembled in fear .

However, he merely let out a sneer .

“She’s gone insane . ”

What she planned to do had undoubtedly touched his reverse scale .

Such naivety!

She thought that things would be a surefire if this plan were executed meticulously .

Did she think that he was just a decoration?

How dared she even think of achieving her aim through such underhanded means and by pulling such a trick behind his back?

What of her succeeding?

Did she hope that he would not find out about it?

What a joke .

Since she was going to do such a thing, determined on planting a root of mayhem, he did not mind accompanying her until the end .

“We were all very shocked as well when we heard about it . ”

“We absolutely can’t let her get her way,” he stated coldly .

“Understood . I’ll do as you say . ”

“Does the Songs know about this?”

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“They probably don’t . She’s keeping this hidden from everyone, including her family . ”


Mu Yazhe slammed the report on his table and leaned back in his chair . He closed his eyes to rest them for a moment before opening them . He had a sharp look in his dark orbs .

“Come here . ”

Min Yu went over instantly, leaning close to his superior in a respectful manner .

The man whispered some advice to his ear before waving his hand . “Get it done immediately according to my instructions . ”

“Understood . ”

His assistant nodded before hurrying out of the office .

With a gloomy gaze, the man picked up the report from his table as his lips curled into a cold arch .

Since she was going to do this, he would not mind eliminating her entirely!

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At the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States .

Song Enya stood by the window, admiring the nightscape . The glass reflected her pale and lifeless face .

On her third day here in the states, she was arranged to stay at this hospital . She followed the tasks set by the doctor and worked hard to recuperate her health as she waited for the best time to be inseminated .

Her present state was not that great, so she needed some time to recuperate .

She was worried, though, that the longer things dragged, the easier it was for her plan to fall through and be exposed .

She had to rush and complete this task before that happened .

This missy knew that, this time, she was putting all her eggs in one basket .

Therefore, there was no room for failure .

In fact, she had been thinking of doing this for a long time . However, she kept hesitating to push through with it, wondering if she should truly do it .

After she saw Mu Yazhe’s heartlessness, though, she decided that she needed to go through with it, even if she was risking it all .

She did not alarm anyone, even her brother and mother, when she left the hospital and secretly boarded a plane to America . She was determined and did not have second thoughts about her plan .

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This idea did not come about overnight .

Previously, she had already carefully planned things out and made sure that all arrangements were satisfactory .

Her status was unimpeded, with no resistance at all . Relying on her powerful connections in the country, she got everything she wanted without requiring much effort .

Right now, all she needed to do was wait until she had recuperated enough to receive the artificial insemination .

She believed that this was a surefire, and that everything was progressing in an orderly manner .

She refused to let anything step on her toes . This plan could only succeed; it was not allowed to fail!

There was no way for her to back out of this . She could only throw all her heart into it and move forward!

A knock was heard at the door .

Without turning around, Song Enya responded fluently in English . “Come in . ”