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Published at 5th of November 2020 11:45:06 PM

Chapter 2038: 2038
Chapter 2038: I will follow you .

“With her presence and her face which reminded me so much of my mother, I could emerge from my life’s dark and depressing period . ”

The man hardly spoke about those dark and lonesome days because he did not want to recall them—not even for a second .

There was only his mother whom he could rely on to maneuver through the sinister and conniving Mu household after his father’s death . Likewise, his mother had leaned on him for support, too . They only had each other to look after themselves .

Thus, his mother’s death was an earth-shattering devastation to him .

It was Song Enya who held his hand and brought him out of this darkness .

“I’m grateful to my niece and I hold this kinship close to my heart . ”

“Then… what about me?”

The woman was terribly jealous after hearing his account . It seemed that the young girl had occupied a very important place in her husband’s heart . It was to the extent that the missy was irreplaceable . What about her, then? How important was she in his heart?

By now, this man who had always been strong and dependable, was suddenly reduced to a pile of childish and nervous wreck as he clung tightly onto her shoulders .

“You are here because you light up my life . ”

You light up my life…

That’s why you are here .

The woman’s pupils contracted all of a sudden . Those were probably the most romantic words he had ever said to her .

Something warm and fuzzy flooded her chest, which made her want to cry and laugh at the same time .

She bit her lower lip as she pondered on his words . ‘You are the light of my life . ’

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She was the light of his life .

The man was startled to see her tearing again . Cupping her face in his hands, he apologized helplessly, “I’m sorry! I may not have expressed myself well enough . I really don’t know what I should do to stop your wild guesses . ” He was wondering what conjectures she might have about him again .

He continued to reassure her as he gently kissed her forehead, the tip of her nose, and even the teardrops dangling at the corner of her eye . “As for what you’ve said earlier… I won’t do that anymore! I’ll tell you everything as long as you want to listen . ”

He told himself he would not hide his thoughts from her anymore, and this was a promise that he intended to keep!

The woman choked on her tears as she threw him a question . “If Mu Wanrou managed to push me off the rooftop that night, what would you do?”

If Hua Jin had not been around, Mu Wanrou would have succeeded in pulling her down to hell with her .

What would happen to him? Would he be sad?

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The man hugged her tightly suddenly .

Hearing these words from her had indubitably caused him pain .

He had plunged himself mindlessly into his work in the last few days because he was trying to punish himself .

He was angry with himself for his carelessness which had gotten her into a dangerous situation .

She thought that he was giving her the cold treatment during this period, whereas he was actually punishing himself for his mistake . He blamed himself very much for what had happened to her .

As he caressed her cheeks, he told her solemnly, “I’ll follow you . ”

He would follow her even to hell .

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Her heart almost melted at his confession . This was something she had been waiting to hear from him all along, but having heard it now, his words seemed so surreal all of a sudden .

The truth was she knew that it was never a fair deal between him and her right from the start . They were worlds apart in terms of family background and social status .

Perhaps the ancient practice of compatible marriage had its justification, after all .

She was always trying to play catch-up with him . She insisted on acting despite his objections because she wanted to have the right to stand next to him based on her merits .

He was always that dazzling and outstanding, and she felt so unworthy to stand next to him .