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Published at 1st of November 2020 11:20:10 PM

Chapter 2024

Qin Zhou coolly said, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but you shouldn’t have picked a fight with Chairman Mu . Since you did, you’d better watch out for his possible retaliation . ”

The actor bit his lower lip stubbornly . “I don’t care how he wants to deal with me; I’m just worried how he’ll treat Shishi . ”

“Alright, alright . Let’s not overthink things here . You take your time to recuperate from your injury, while my charge and I will return to the capital first . ”

“No . I’m staying behind to take care of him . ”

“I’ll hire a caretaker to look after him . ”

His charge, however, insisted . “They may not be as caring and meticulous as I am; it’s better for me to take care of him . ”

He let out a sigh of resignation . “Alright! We’ll go back together once he’s recovered . ”

Since Yun Shishi’s phone was spoiled beyond reparation and had been taken away by the police as a piece of evidence, the manager had taken it upon himself to buy her a new one .

Upon receiving her new phone, she made a call to Youyou right away to tell him that there were slight changes in her schedule to Sea City and that she would only be back a few days later .

The boy got racked with worries as soon as he heard that and proceeded to ask what had caused the changes in schedule . However, she only told him that work required her to do so, lest he get worried .

The moment the call disconnected, however, his face grew cold .

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Mommy is lying again .

Work is just an excuse . She just doesn’t want me worrying about her .

News outlets had, in fact, reported about someone committing suicide at a hotel the next day after Mu Wanrou’s death . As Youyou had been paying close attention to the news of the film festival, he realized right away that the hotel in question was the very one his mother was staying in when he saw that piece of news . After a little investigation, he found out the identity of the person who had jumped off the building .

How did she make an appearance in Sea City?

Wasn’t she locked up in an asylum? What exactly happened to prompt this chain of events?

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Being the highly sensitive and astute person that he was, he soon connected the incident to his mother .

His many calls to her went unanswered, so he turned to phone his father, instead . The calls, unfortunately, could not be connected for the man had his phone turned off during the plane ride .

Only after he received that call from his mother did the little fella become certain that the incident somehow involved her .

Naturally, Mu Yazhe had tasked his men to clear his wife of all suspicions and charges .

Thus, this piece of news was short-lived, for the major media orgs soon covered it up with other stories . One did not need to think far to know that it was the work of Huanyu’s public relations department .

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Not even the slightest bit of negative news about her was permitted to be published . Even though she was the innocent party, being involved in such news would inevitably bring her the overwhelming scrutiny of the public . Every member of Huanyu’s public relations team was, therefore, cracking their heads hard and was up to their ears in work over this matter .

The day after the film festival ended, there was an article published online, hinting that Lin Zhi had manipulated the results for the Best Actress award and robbing Yun Shishi of her rightful glory .

The rookie actress herself might be fine with the way things turned out, but who was her manager really? How could he possibly let things slide just like that? The award might have been lost to Lin Zhi, but being the vengeful person that he was, he must, of course, get back at the starlet by publishing pejorative articles regarding her .

After all, Huanyu Entertainment was not a company to be trifled with . Since that woman had the gall to mess around with his charge, they would not stop until her reputation was tarnished .

The said actress’s team was quick to respond and clarify this matter, contending on strong grounds to prove their innocence in the affair .

Of course, the results of this fight on Weibo proved that Lin Zhi was by far no match for Huanyu .