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Published at 1st of November 2020 11:20:09 PM

Chapter 2025

The officials of the Golden Eagle Festival finally stepped in to mediate . They admitted that the organizer had made a calculation blunder with the votes . At that time, the judges had gotten into a tiff because of this as well . The series of unfortunate incidents led to the wrong winner being announced .

Lin Zhi’s camp was deeply shocked and humiliated by this news . Her PR team subsequently released an apology and wanted to give the trophy to the rightful owner .

What the heck?

Huanyu was disdainful . Although their actress did not manage to get an official record under her name, her talent and hard work would prove that their lady was no pushover . They believed that no trophy could take the place of the audience’s approval of her worth .

Qin Zhou’s camp won beautifully at the end of this PR battle .

On the other hand, the senior actress’s fans were upset with her underhanded means, which further reduced her popularity somewhat .

Of course, these were events that had happened further down the road .

Back in the capital, Mu Yazhe received the same update the moment he touched down at the airport . His men had kept a close watch on the Songs ever since her disappearance, but so far, she had not resurfaced .

One thing was confirmed, though; even her family did not know where she had gone to .

Her family had been anxiously searching for the missy, trying all ways and means to find her possible whereabouts from their network . For one, her mother was particularly worried and had been weeping since she was found missing .

The middle-aged lady went away for only a short while when she received news that her daughter had gone missing .

The hospital reported that she was still in her hospital outfit just before she disappeared .

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According to the hospital surveillance cameras, she was seen getting in a taxi shortly after exiting their grounds . Tracing the vehicle number led them to Huiguo Road but lost the trail thereafter .

According to the latest news, the missy had booked a ticket and flew to San Francisco overnight .

Flew out of the country? Why didn’t she stay put in the hospital when she needed the care and, instead, sought shelter overseas? Isn’t this a sign of a guilty conscience? Did she do this because she’s afraid to see me? These thoughts ran through the man’s mind .

His cousin came looking for the man . She begged him to use all his resources to locate his niece as soon as possible .

The man simply replied with a snort, “I want to find her more than anyone else!”

She owed him an explanation for what had happened to his wife .

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He wanted to hold her accountable for what she had done to her!

Apparently, the missy’s mother did not know what her spoiled daughter had done behind her back . She looked dazed when the man brought up this matter, and he could not be bothered to explain it further with her .

After this incident where his niece had committed such a terrible crime against his family, he decided that he would have nothing more to do with the Songs!

“Don’t you worry; I’ll definitely find her hiding place . ”

He would let the middle-aged woman figure out what this means!

Jiang Qimeng received her cousin’s words with some alarm . She realized that the man was in a very foul mood by the look on his face but did not know what her daughter had done to get him so upset .

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In the meantime, in one of Sea City’s hospitals .

Under Yun Shishi’s careful ministrations, Hua Jin’s condition gradually turned for the better .

The young chap had never been so well taken care of . She was there for him in every big or small matter . Staying by his side at all times, she would help him with his drinks when he was thirsty or cook for him when he was hungry . She believed that fish porridge would aid healing; thus, after borrowing the hospital kitchen and utensils, she brewed some for him despite her exhaustion .

Of course, the actor was absolutely touched by her gesture . No one had been this good to him except those with ulterior motives .

Unfortunately, the unconditional love that the actress showered on him also invited his growing dependency on her .