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Published at 31st of October 2020 11:55:06 PM

Chapter 2023: 2023
Chapter 2023: The Two Most Important Women in His Life

Yun Shishi nodded . “He loves and misses his mother a lot . ”

“Yes . That’s exactly why it’s so hard for him to turn against his niece . Song Enya probably knows that weakness of his and has been making use of it . ”

Her manager continued speaking . “They’ve been through thick and thin together in the family since he was little . Didn’t the Mu Group name one of the estates they developed ‘Yun Shan Shi Yi’ just a while ago? It’s a combination of your name and his mother’s, Jiang Yishan . ”

That got her attention right away .

Yun Shan Shi Yi…

Yun Shan Shi Yi…?

So that’s what the name means .

“You two are probably the most important women in his heart and life . ”


“Yes . That estate holds a lot of meaning to my boss . The fact that he named it after you is enough to prove how much weight you have in his heart . He might be a man of few words and a blockhead when it comes to saying sweet nothings, but he’s always been true to you . ”

The woman’s heart squeezed a little when she heard that .

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Apart from his mother, I’m the most important woman to him…

This knowledge moved her to bits, making her anger toward him ebb a little .

Qin Zhou went on saying, “Even though Jiang Qimeng, his niece’s mother, got married to Song Zhengguo and gave birth to a son and two daughters, she doesn’t hold much of a status in the family . The missy, though, ended up getting spoiled rotten by her father, which made her grow up into an obnoxious and unreasonable person . I, too, dislike her very much; I find her overly spoiled and willful . ”

His dumbfounded charge responded, “She’s only the daughter of a mayor at best, yet she acts like a princess wherever she goes . ”

“There’s more to the Songs than that,” quipped her manager . “Do you know anything about her grandfather?”

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“Just a little . He seems to be an important and influential figure . ”

He explained, “You mustn’t underestimate the influence that family holds . Her grandfather is one of the founding fathers of our country . Although he’s gotten on in years, his reputation and status are still illustrious . Plus, he has developed deep-rooted power and beneficial connections with plenty of other large, powerful families over the years . It’s only on the boss’s account and their fear of him that Song Enya couldn’t take any actions against you . Once you leave his protection, though, she can easily crush you with just a finger . ”

What a fearsome family .

The younger chap frowned . He had a bit of an impression of the said family, having heard about them from Xiaoya . The latter’s family had close ties with the Songs and the woman herself was a close acquaintance of the mayor’s daughter .

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The agent told the actress, “The interests involved between the two families are far more complicated than you can imagine . The Mus are, therefore, disgruntled that my boss has gotten on bad terms with the Songs for your sake . It’s also one of the reasons why they’re so against you . You don’t have to worry, though . With him around, they won’t be able to do anything to you . ”

“Thanks for telling me all this . Now that I know, I realize that I might’ve been a tad too harsh on him earlier . ”

“I’m not saying that you’ve gone overboard; I’m just reminding you not to overanalyze his words . As you know, he can be extremely obstinate at times and isn’t quite as sensitive and meticulous as you about relationships, but he is true to you . Everyone can see that . ”

She nodded .

Hua Jin appeared slightly crestfallen as he apologized profusely, “I’m so sorry, Shishi; it’s my fault . It wasn’t my intention to cause a misunderstanding between you two…”

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