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Published at 31st of October 2020 11:55:10 PM

Chapter 2022

“Why didn’t he offer an explanation, then?”

“How was he going to explain things to you?”

“Just say it straight to my face, of course . There’s no need to hide things from me!”


As he lifted a brow, Qin Zhou shook his head and sighed . “Chairman Mu isn’t the type to make a hypocritical show of affection . It’s probably because he’s afraid that you’d overthink things and refuse to hear him out . I suppose that he flew here overnight just to explain things to you in person . I’d be immensely moved if I were a woman just from that alone . ”

Upon receiving a skeptical look from his charge, he immediately explained himself . “Don’t look at me this way . I’m the innocent party! In no way am I on his side or speaking on his behalf!”

“From the moment he entered the ward, he’s been shooting daggers at Hua Jin . He looked as though he wanted to swallow him whole . ”

“Well, he’s a man . Have you seen male lions fighting over a piece of territory?”

Yun Shishi was stumped by his usage of such a metaphor to describe men .

“It’s man’s nature to be territorial, and they become even more so about their personal belongings . This goes to show that he can’t tolerate you being sullied by others . He cares so much about you that he was overcome by his emotions earlier . I mean; if women can be jealous of one another over the affection of their men, why can’t men feel the same way toward their women?”

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He’s being jealous, then?

Trust him to feel jealous!

The manager broke into a helpless laugh when he noted his charge’s confusion . “What? Did you really think that he’s being suspicious of you? He’s just jealous! Chairman Mu lacks a sense of security . The more determined he is to get something, the more aggressive and afraid he is to lose that . ”

That said, the actress did not feel appeased in the slightest .

Hua Jin, who was lying on the sickbed, seemed to understand something, though . He could also tell that the reason the man had flown into a rage was wholly out of jealousy . In fact, all men would surely feel the same way upon encountering such a scene . It was out of pride that the man refused to reveal that emotion on his face .

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Something hit her right then .

“What sort of relationship did he share with Song Enya in the past? Were they very close?”

“Yes, they were on excellent terms . One could say that they were like biological siblings . ”

Biological siblings…

No wonder .

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It was no wonder that the spoiled missy was so possessive of her uncle . She must have been doted on and cared for by him like the apple of his eye all that while, only to realize one day that the person he loved the most was not her . That probably contributed to her emotional imbalance .

The long period of dependence and indulgence from the man perhaps had let her develop other feelings, apart from familial love, toward him . Even though that affection was twisted and sick, she remained in her bubble, unwilling to wake up to reality .

“They’re on good terms, huh . ”

An unexplainable sense of jealousy bred in her heart despite knowing that what her man felt for his niece was only familial love with no romantic notions attached .

Qin Zhou fell silent for a moment . “Yes . I don’t know much, but one thing I know for sure is that the boss’s niece looks very alike to his mother . ”

“His mother?”

“Eh!” He nodded . “His mother is the aunt of his niece’s mother . It was because of this blood ties that the two families got along well . When the boss was just a boy, there was a long period where he couldn’t walk out from the pain brought by his mother’s demise; he only managed to overcome his depression through his niece’s companionship . He pinned all his longings for his deceased mother onto the lass, who closely resembled her, and that’s probably why he doted and spoiled her to the point of indulgence back then . ”

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