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Published at 31st of October 2020 11:55:11 PM

Chapter 2021


She went wide-eyed in shock as she gaped at her manager with a taut expression .

Song Enya has gone missing?!

“How did that happen?”

Qin Zhou shook his head, looking confused . Apparently, he had no idea what was going on, either . “Beats me . Min Yu only briefly mentioned it on the phone . I guess that that’s why Chairman Mu left for the capital in a hurry!”

“Where could she have gone?”

Yun Shishi bit her lip in worry, not knowing what the missy was up to again .

Was she not hospitalized from slitting her wrist?

Why would she suddenly go missing now?

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“Cheer up a little . It wasn’t appropriate for me to say this earlier, but you’ve dwelled too much on his words . ”

The manager had been quietly accompanying his charge after the fight the couple had . Apart from soothing and comforting words, he said nothing to her throughout . However, since she had regained her calm and composure at this moment, he decided to let her know his thoughts about the matter .

Alas, the woman clearly failed to understand what he was trying to express, for she looked up at him in bafflement .

“I’ve dwelled too much on his words?”

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He went on expounding his opinion as an observer with a neutral stand . “Actually, what happened earlier had nothing to do with trust . No man would be able to stand by and passively watch his woman getting close and intimate with another man . ”

“Close and intimate?”

Feeling dumbfounded, she let out a snort in response . Her expression dimmed as she took a long look at Hua Jin, who was lying on the sickbed .

“This young man got injured because of me . Of course, I must stay by his side to take care of him until he recovers . ”

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“Chairman Mu doesn’t know that, though, does he? All he saw was you and the actor being so close together . Given his level of concern and possessiveness for you, how could he possibly not let his thoughts run wild at the sight?”

Yun Shishi fell silent for a while, dipping her head as she turned pensive .

The manager let out a helpless laugh . “To be honest, at times, the boss is rather childish—stubborn, domineering, and possessive—in matters of the heart . This might have something to do with the environment he grew up in! Since birth, his life has been very different from those his age . Being the next successor of the Mu Group, he was showered with love and much attention as he followed the path of an heir . This resulted in him developing an extremely tyrannical and obstinate side . One of his merits, however, is that he’s a devoted person with sentimental attachments, and that’s also what sets him apart from the other scions . He might appear aloof and detached, but there are times when he will feel compassion . As bad and spoiled as Song Enya is, he still has some attachments toward her . Even though he has promised to maintain distance from his niece for your sake, there are times when he needs to spare the Songs’ feelings, given the years of relationship between their families . Also, I heard that his niece’s mother had gone down on her knees in front of the boss . Surely, because of this, he had to make a trip down to the hospital and visit her . ”

She bit her lower lip flap, looking rather guilty .

The actress had to admit; the reason she had flared up at the man was largely due to the immense disappointment she felt toward him . Never mind that he had broken his promise to attend the film festival’s awards ceremony with her; he did not even leave a word for her in advance and just left her hanging there . Her high anticipation, of course, then turned into bitter resentment . It, in turn, sparked that row between them when he chanced upon that so-called intimate scene .

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