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Published at 30th of October 2020 02:25:06 AM
Chapter 2018: 2018

He did not know that the moment he stepped out of the hospital, his niece would make a taunting call to his wife . He could guess as much what that girl had told his partner, though he was not privy to its exact content .

As for the series of events that had happened thereafter, he was unable to predict them as well . If he knew that his niece was so adamant on eradicating his wife and was audacious enough to orchestrate such a grand plan right under his nose, he would be equally ruthless, too .

It was easy for him to deal with that rich missy . The bigger headache was his wife confronting him about his relationship with his niece . What could he possibly want with that lass? To him, Song Enya was a relative . She was his niece, and that was all . He had not reached the point where he would throw off his moral compass to hold incestuous thoughts about a relative, really .

Before Yun Shishi appeared in his life, he thought that he got along reasonably well with his niece .

Alas, the missy’s subsequent behavior and trouble-making antics disappointed him completely . He, thus, began to distance himself from her . It would be a lie to say that he had no regard for his niece, though, as he had treated her as his sister since they were young .

That was a girl whom he had doted on for more than a decade .

If it had not been for her, he would have been unable to walk out of his depression after losing his mother . She was his most beloved sister, and this kinship was something he held fast to .

He might be aloof by nature, but it did not mean that he was heartless .

He must admit, though, that he was useless for letting his only soft spot be made use of this time .

How useless!

He was vexed, incensed, and resigned over the chain of events that had happened, but at least, it had extinguished the last bit of compassion he had reserved for his niece .

The only thing he could not accept was his wife doubting him .

“Can you put yourself in my shoes? Please give me a justification for your action . ”

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“She was in the hospital . ” The man forced himself to calm down and tried to clarify the misunderstanding . “Her mother dropped on her knees and begged me to visit her in the hospital . ”

“What happened to her?”

“She cut her wrist . ”

“She cut her wrist?” Yun Shishi sniggered . “And you believed her?”

The man did not reply this time .

“Are you telling me that you broke your promise to me just for her sake?”

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The man was thoroughly defenseless this time .

He could not even muster the energy to explain further .

He turned his back on her suddenly, rubbed his forehead with thorough resignation and, after throwing her a lingering look, walked away from the room decidedly without another word .


“Chairman Mu?”

His two employees exchanged glances as they watched his back disappear from their sight .

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Min Yu patted Qin Zhou’s shoulder lightly and instructed, “I’ll check on our boss, while you take care of the mistress . Please help us look after her!”

“Sure, I will . ”

With the reassurance from the agent, the assistant quickly gave chase to his departing superior .

As the woman watched her man leave without a word, she dropped to the bed on her bums like a deflated balloon . With her eyes dazed and her shoulders hanging lifelessly by her side, she started to sob quietly as her hands slowly covered her face .

Her manager’s heart softened at the sight of her despondency . As a silent observer, it was not for him to make a judgement on either of them . All he could tell was that the misunderstandings between this couple were bored out of their deep love for each other . It would take a while for them to resolve the thorny issues between them .

He walked over and attempted to comfort her .

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