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Published at 29th of October 2020 11:40:05 PM
Chapter 2017: 2017


Yun Shishi laughed at that . “Am I being nonsensical? Oh, I see . That’s how this is . ”

“How did you know about this?” asked Mu Yazhe in a low voice .

Hearing this, she laughed all of a sudden . “Even now, you’re still thinking of hiding it to me . ”

“It’s not what you’re thinking of!”

Weariness was seen in the man’s eyes as he shut them tightly and said slowly, “Don’t let your thoughts run wild . ”

“Since you’ve already done it, why are you afraid of my thoughts running wild?!”

“What did I do?!”

He was beginning to think that she was being a little unreasonable .

He obviously did not do anything, yet he was being doubted like this . It was truly making him feel defenseless!

“Song Enya called me just before I boarded the plane, bragging to me . What was that? A way to taunt me? Who are you being pretentious for with that innocent expression you have now?”

His niece called his wife?

The man’s brows creased . He did not need to ponder much to know that there had been another round of nasty words from that missy when she called his woman .

She was probably borrowing this chance to drive a wedge between them!

He really did not expect this to happen, though .

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He thought his niece had truly tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist . He went to visit her with his last shred of feelings and did not expect that she had intentionally hurt herself so she could get his sympathy and pity .

She was utterly scheming .

Still, to be called pretentious by his wife…

His face instantly darkened .

Not once did anyone dare to call him that .

She was truly the first one .

Jiang Qimeng had begged him, again and again, and he had been a bit compassionate toward his niece, thinking that she was indeed seeking death . Thus, the man pushed back his afternoon flight to check on his niece at the hospital before flying directly to Sea City .

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When he called Qin Zhou and instructed the latter to accompany his wife to Sea City, it was to protect her .

However, her manager had misunderstood him .

He thought that his boss was no longer going, so that was what he told Yun Shishi .

In reality, though, that was not the case; he was just pushing back his flight . He initially planned to fly to Sea City the moment he was done visiting Song Enya .

However, two unexpected events happened along the way .

One was related to his niece .

Two was that the most immediate flight had the schedule of departure at 7 PM .

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Nonetheless, upon knowing that the plane would be later in the day, he did not have to rush . Min Yu also told him that, by the time he reached Sea City, it would have been in the morning of the next day . It would be meaningless to go .

However, he kept thinking of his wife, afraid that she would be disappointed, so he insisted on flying over at once .

The reason he did not pick up her calls was that it had been hectic on his end when he was rushing to the hospital . He did not have his phone with him, and when he saw the missed calls on his phone after returning to the company, he did not know how to explain things to her . Therefore, he did not respond to her immediately .

He did not know how to lie or be fake, and he was even worse at beating around the bush .

The man felt that it was inappropriate to tell her the truth through the phone, either . He was extremely afraid that she would have wild thoughts and suspect something due to her sensitivity .

His wife was extremely sensitive and let her thoughts run wild easily . Thus, he did not take her calls, for fear of her overthinking things .

He decided not to tell her anything through the phone . Instead, he would wait until he was in Sea City to explain everything to her in person if she asked .

What happened after, though?

This series of events had been completely outside his expectations .

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