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Published at 30th of October 2020 11:50:13 PM

Chapter 2019

Hua Jin was one step ahead of him, though, and sat next to the woman while gently putting his arm around hers .

“Don’t be sad…”

He could not bear to see her cry; at the same time, he felt wronged for her, too .

It was impossible to imagine having a man as insolent as her husband .

He could feel pain throbbing disturbingly at his wound site, but he could not care less, especially not when she was crying buckets of tears in front of him .

He did not like to see her crying . Her beautiful pair of eyes, which looked prettier when smiling, was now red and swollen from her tears .

As he held her in his arms, he told her half-jestingly, “Shishi, I’ll be in tears, too if you don’t stop crying . ”

Just as he finished his statement, tears started to roll down his cheeks .

The woman did not seem to hear him as she continued to sob with her palms covering her face; warm droplets of tears would not stop streaming down her face .

The young man did not know how to console her further and could only hold her silently in his embrace, allowing her steaming hot tears to fall freely on his chest…

Inside the car .

Min Yu felt as though he were sitting on a bed of nails as his boss sat next to him without a word . The man beside him was staring coldly outside the window with one hand supporting his chin . It seemed that anything could trigger an explosive reaction from the CEO with his intimidating aura .

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Honestly, his assistant would very much like to know his next move . Should they return to the capital without further ado or should they stay in Sea City for a few more days?

Although he knew that it would be unlikely for them to make an early move with Hua Jin’s injury and his young mistress’s present state, there were a few matters that required their immediate attention in the capital . Besides, it would hurt the lady if his boss chose to leave without bidding a proper farewell .

Women were sensitive by nature, and it was not difficult to appease them, especially for a lady like his boss’s wife . She would probably soften her stance after some cajoling .

The assistant might not be married, but at the very least, he had had a couple of girlfriends in the past .

Women might be temperamental, but they could be overcome with some sweet attention, especially someone like Yun Shishi . He knew his young mistress as an understanding and gentle lady . She was not prone to throwing tantrums provided that her man was willing to humble himself in front of her .

Furthermore, he felt that his boss deserved that dressing down . If he were in her shoes, he would be upset, too .

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Still, with his superior’s arrogance, it was a rare sight to see him apologizing to anyone . The thing about pacifying a woman was that one had to be patient, which he was rather lacking in…

Sigh… Some things were better left unsaid .


Realizing that it was useless for him to fret over this quietly, he decided to bring up the matter to the man .

As his superior continued to stare outside the window, he approached the matter cautiously . “Regarding your wife…”

“She needs time to cool off . ” His face was void of any emotion when he addressed this issue . “I’ll give her time to cool off . ”

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Honestly, his assistant wanted to blurt out, Women don’t need time to cool off!


Women, unlike men, were not made to cool down easily . In fact, neglecting her feelings would only lead to more problems .

Of course, he knew that the man could hardly be faulted for having such a thought . The crux of the issue was that his boss was not a person who knew how to sweet-talk a woman .

This assistant was apparently more agitated over the married couple’s argument, while the man himself appeared to be unaffected by the affair .

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