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Published at 29th of October 2020 02:40:08 PM
Chapter 2016: 2016
Chapter 2016: Even an apology is done in an aloof manner .

Therefore, he tugged on her sleeve and lowered his noble head . His cold eyes looked apologetic as if he were taking a step back . “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have broken my promise, and I shouldn’t have let you be caught in such a dangerous situation . ”

“Do you think I need this apology of yours?”

Normally, this little woman would have been amused by his submissiveness, bursting into laughter by his helplessness .

However, this time, Yun Shishi was not moved at all after hearing his apology . In fact, the coldness in her eyes was gloomy enough to stab him .

“Did you think that one apology would suffice?”

Did he think that he could make up for everything with just an apology?

“What do you want?” asked Mu Yazhe in a low voice .

“What do I want?” The woman widened her eyes at him and unexpectedly laughed in anger . “Why is it that even an apology of yours is done in an aloof manner?!”

The man was momentarily speechless .

This woman was clever and eloquent while he was not great at expressing himself . He was even worse at using honeyed words to coax someone . Therefore, he had no way of refuting her .

He clearly did not mean it that way .

Did she have to twist his words like this?

He was defenseless .

Yun Shishi sized him up, her eyes returning to looking like the dead sea as she asked coldly, “Attending the awards ceremony with me was probably not as important as Song Enya, was it?!”

It was hard to tell if she was intentionally trying to agitate him with her words or she was truly thinking that way, but just as he was about to deny it, the man was taken aback when he finally registered her words .

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How did she know that his broken promise had something to do with his niece?

His eyes were filled with plenty of suspicions at that moment .

“What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? I mean exactly that! Did you not understand it?”

How did she know?

How did she know that his niece…

The man came to an abrupt realization .

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Could it be that that lady had told his wife about it to agitate her purposely?

D*mn it!

His wife laughed coldly before asking expressionlessly, “Did you not answer my calls because you were afraid that I would be angry if I knew?”

He remained silent for a long time before answering bluntly, “Yes . ”

Receiving his confirmation, she did not know whether to laugh or cry . She took in a cold breath of air, but her eyes were instantly wet with tears .

He knew that she would be angry when she heard about this, yet he still went despite knowing this .

He abandoned her and went to Song Enya’s side .

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It was not the time to think if it was as that lady said or if there was another reason for his action, but the cold, hard truth was that he did break his promise and went to his niece’s side .

“That’s so laughable . ”

She gritted her teeth and resisted the bitterness in her mouth . Her words trembled as she spoke . “Since you’re afraid that I’d get angry, why did you still do it?! You know how much I hate her, yet you still went to her with just a call from her! You went without caring about anything else! You even broke our promise and didn’t even send me a message . I was so afraid and worried that something had happened to you! I can’t believe you broke your promise because of her! What do I mean to you?! Mu Yazhe, what exactly do I mean to you?! Is your promise to me not worth anything at all in your heart?!”


“Then, what is it?! Say it . Answer me . ”

Her bombardment left him with nowhere to retreat .

The man denied it all . “Stop being nonsensical . ”

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