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Chapter 2011: 2011
Chapter 2011: Arrest me if you can .

“Did you witness the murder yourself?”

“No . ”

“Then, on what basis are you convicting her of murder?”

“She hasn’t been convicted of anything yet . She’s only been listed as a prime suspect and has been released on bail . ” The officer continued speaking . “It’s not for you to decide if she killed anyone, is guilty of any crime, or is innocent!”

“She’s been released on bail . ”

“According to police protocols, suspects on bail are required to be ready for the authorities’ summon at any time . ”

That said, there was no such thing as being released on bail one second and then being summoned back to the precinct for another round of questioning .

Clearly, someone was manipulating the system .

Mu Yazhe scoffed . “Are you talking about protocols with me?”

“That’s just how the system works . No one can defy the rules we have here . ”

“Who, then, gave you, a police officer, such authority?”

The uniformed personnel lifted his head, looked straight at him, and gave him an enunciated warning . “Mr . Mu, the law is strict; please cooperate with the investigation . ”

A mocking smirk grew on the man’s face as he cast the officer a look before faintly spouting, “How well-said . The law is strict, huh?”

He then lowered his gaze, tugged on his tie, and unbuttoned his sleeves while maintaining that evil arch of his lips, which intimidated the other .

The officer saw him suddenly stand up and slowly make his way over to him before he lifted a leg and aimed a kick at the table before him .

The man was insufferably arrogant and had no regard for the police at all .

The table soon toppled over in the officer’s direction .

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The officer was totally caught off guard and completely unprepared for this turn of events . He, along with the table, fell to the ground and he grimaced in pain as his legs got crushed under the heavy weight of it .

As the table in the interrogation room was relatively heavy, no average male would be able to withstand the table crushing against him .

Mu Yazhe’s countenance was dark and gloomy, and his obsidian eyes were gleaming sharply as he looked down at the person on the floor . With hands in his pants’ pockets, he lifted a foot and pressed it down on the table .

The added force resulted in the table crushing harder against the officer .

“—Ahhh!” howled the officer in pain .

He felt that his legs were about to snap under the pressure!

“Who permitted you to address my wife as a suspect? Who gave you the right to do this?!”


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His eyes bulged wide in shock as he found it hard to believe that the man would dare behave so lawlessly in a police station .

“You… You’re attacking a policeman right now! Do you have eyes for the law at all?!”


The man lowered his frosty gaze to spare the other a look .

“I don’t have much patience, so listen up now . ” His voice boomed coldly . “I’m the one who murdered the victim; arrest me if you can . ”

Upon hearing the commotion coming from the room, the police officers outside barged inside at once, only to be rudely shocked by this scene .

Qin Zhou and Min Yu rushed in after them and were equally astounded to see such a hair-raising scene .

They had no idea what made their boss so worked up that he would resort to using violence in a police station .

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This was something unprecedented .

“D*mn it! What are you doing right now? This is no place for you to stage a revolt!”

Seeing this situation, one of the officers immediately shot forward to take the man down .

All it took, however, was a grab and a twist of the officer’s arm, and he was subdued by Mu Yazhe .

There were only so few moves and tricks that the police officers were familiar with, but that could not be said the same for him . He came from a military background, after all . Each of his skills and moves was well-honed from actual combat, which could not be compared to these fellows .

He barked, “None of you here are qualified in any way to interrogate me . Get your bureau head here; I have matters to discuss with him!”

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