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Chapter 2010

He did not doubt the possibility of Mu Wanrou acting crazy .

No one could act to such an extent, after all .

Furthermore, even if she did act crazy, she did not have the capability to trace Yun Shishi’s every move and know her work schedule .

“The most problematic issue at hand is that the police may summon my charge any time for one day of questioning . ”

“Didn’t you post a bail?”

“It’s of no use . ”

Mu Yazhe frowned . “Of no use?”

“I’ve exhausted all possible authority and connections I could think of, but I don’t know why… the police seem hell-bent on pinning this on Shishi . Even before they managed to obtain any evidence, she’s already been listed as a prime suspect . ”

“What about the autopsy?”

Before the manager could answer, an officer, who seemed to be the bureau’s police chief, suddenly exited the interrogation room, followed by the hotel’s lobby manager and attendants, who were on duty that night .

The officer swept a glance at him, his eyes narrowing slightly .

When he noticed that he was deep in conversation with Qin Zhou, he raised his voice and asked curtly, “Who are you, and why are you here?”

His antagonistic attitude had Min Yu stepping forward from the side to rebuke him . “Who are you to—”

The man stopped his assistant, who then tacitly retreated to the back at once .

The officer shot the assistant a look before letting out a snort . “Drop the thinking that you can throw your weight around just because you have some authority! This is a serious place . Please correct your attitude and don’t show off your influence here!”

The senior officers in this bureau tended to speak more curtly and pretentiously, but clearly, this one was utterly oblivious of the identity of the man before him . Otherwise, he would not be behaving so arrogantly and tyrannically in front of him .

Mu Yazhe slowly answered, “I’m Yun Shishi’s husband . ”

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“Oh, that’s good! Please cooperate with us and let us take your statement . ”

The officer then pointed at Qin Zhou and demanded, “Where is that woman? Get her here as soon as possible . There is another round of questioning awaiting her!”

The manager’s forehead creased . He was somewhat fed up with this uniformed personnel’s attitude .

His boss, however, replied in his stead . “You can just ask me any questions . ”

The officer gave him a measuring glance before pointing straight to the interrogation room and ordering, “Go in there and sit first!”

Min Yu thought, What an obnoxious officer! Who’s giving him the right to throw his weight around?! From the way he talks, it’s clear that he’s not afraid of offending anyone!

In the time he was grumbling to himself, his boss had already stridden off in the direction of the interrogation room . However, when he made a move to follow him, he was stopped by the police officer .

“Wait here!”

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The guy then tasked his men with several other works and entered the interrogation room as well .

Thus, the two men sat face-to-face in the room .

Mu Yazhe sat elegantly in his chair with one leg slightly crossed on top of the other . His imposing, emperor-like aura made this small, cramped room seem even tinier and more suffocating .

“What’s your name?”

“I’m asking for your name!”

Only then did he spare the officer a glance . “Mu Yazhe . ”

As the officer took down notes, he questioned, “What’s your relationship with the suspect?”

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The other man’s cold, aloof eyes slowly narrowed and gleamed dangerously .

“What’s your relationship with the suspect, Yun Shishi?”

“She’s not guilty of any crime . ”

“?” The officer was momentarily stumped by that response of his .

“Did you witness the murder yourself?”

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