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Published at 29th of October 2020 02:40:29 PM
Chapter 2012
Chapter 2012: Capture Song Enya right away!

Ten minutes later, in the bureau head’s office .

The elderly bureau head carefully poured and served a cup of tea as he studied the aloof bigshot sitting on the sofa, for fear that he might make any mistake and upset the man as a result .

“It’s a misunderstanding! It’s nothing but a big misunderstanding, sir! I apologize for causing an alarm! I… I’m truly ashamed of how my men handle things! It makes no sense that Young Madame Mu would do something so stupid as to destroy her bright future by committing murder . No one would believe it at all!”

Ignoring the cup of tea that he was offered, Mu Yazhe snorted and said detachedly, “Run an investigation on your men . Like some mad dogs, they’ve been barking and biting on the innocent and refusing to budge on this case . They were obviously bribed . ”

“Yes, yes, yes! I’ll definitely look into this! You mustn’t take this matter to heart, though! You’re a great person with a magnanimous heart . Surely, you won’t make things difficult for me over this trivial matter, will you? If I knew that it’s you, I’d never dare go against you no matter how gutsy I might be!”

The office door soon opened, revealing the bureau head repeatedly expressing his gratitude as he showed the man out .

His subordinates outside exchanged shocked looks as they took a second glance at their head, who was unctuous in humbly fawning to the man .

It turned out that the man had quite the background for their bureau head to put down his pride and pander to him .

No wonder he exuded such an imposing aura . It appeared that he was no simple figure, after all!

They were blind enough to offend someone they should not have this time .

Upon seeing them, however, the bureau head sent a death glare in their direction before turning his head over with a fawning look again . As he rubbed his hands together, he carefully probed . “Chairman Mu, do you want to stay for a while more?”

“No . I still have something on . ”

“Oh, yes! That’s right! You’re a busy person, after all! I’m truly sorry for causing you trouble when you’ve got plenty of things to tackle! In that case, I’ll show you out!”

“No need for that!”

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The sight of the bureau head himself irked the man greatly . After turning around to call his assistant and his wife’s manager, he promptly left the station .

After finally sending the esteemed guests away, he pulled out his hankie and wiped the cold sweat that had accumulated on his forehead . He then turned around and assumed his usual, authoritative look .

“The gall of you people! How dared you interrogate that man?!”

That thunderous roar practically sent the entire station shaking .

His subordinates exchanged glances and hung their heads low in guilt .

“Who’s in charge of this case?! Step out now . ”


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A newbie officer obediently came forward .

“Have you got any idea who you’ve just offended?! Why didn’t you check his background before conducting the interrogation?”

“I-I was only acting on orders . ”

“Whose orders?!”

“Chief Wu…”

The bureau head narrowed his eyes . “Where is he now?”

“He injured his legs, so he was taken to the hospital . ”

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“Get him to find me once he’s back! I have things to ask him . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

Inside the car .

Looking downright frosty, Mu Yazhe ordered his assistant, “Send someone to the Song residence right now to capture Enya . Once we return to the capital, go conduct a thorough investigation of this entire matter . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

Being astute, Min Yu asked, “Boss, are you suspecting—”

“Other than the Songs, no one else in the capital is capable of doing such a thing . Even if there is anyone, they have no motives to do so . ”

In hindsight, that missy had indeed set up a terrifying ploy .

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