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Published at 27th of October 2020 11:25:10 PM
Chapter 2009

It was not until 2:50 AM that the plane took off .

When the man turned on his phone, he received a lengthy message from Qin Zhou, which was a summary of what had happened to the actress .

He phoned the manager at once, and the call only connected after ringing for a while . The other’s surprised voice was heard from the other end .


The agent sounded so shocked it was as though he had bumped into a ghost .

Never did he think that his boss would fly over to Sea City overnight . In fact, he thought that he would not come at all!

“Why are you here, boss?”

“Where is she?”

“Uh… at the hospital . ”

“Which hospital?”

The man was about to hang up the call after receiving the hospital address from him when he blurted out, “Boss, is it convenient for you to make a trip down to the police station where I’m currently at?”

“What is it?”

“You don’t have to worry about Shishi for now . She’s only suffering from slight abrasions, and I’ve already sent my men to protect her . There’s a slight problem on my end, though, so I hope that you can come over to deal with it . ”

“Deal with it by yourself!”

“I wish I could do that, sir . If I had such authority, I wouldn’t trouble you . ”

A frown settled on Mu Yazhe’s face, his expression turning grave .

“What is it?”

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Half an hour later, the man arrived at the public security bureau .

Qin Zhou got so worked up when he saw the man that he promptly rose to his feet and rushed over to greet him .

“Boss, you’re here!”


Signs of fatigue could be seen on the man’s face, for he hardly slept a wink due to this overnight schedule . In fact, the average person would have already collapsed at that point . Even with his amazing stamina, he was feeling slightly tired right now . His exhausted look called for pity .

He had never revealed such a haggard look .

Upon noticing this, the star agent told him out of concern, “Boss, you look burned out . Do you want to get some rest first?”

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“Spill it . What’s the matter?”

He waved the other’s concern and just went straight to the point .

The agent cast a complicated look at the assistant, who appeared equally worried for their boss, and sipped his lips in resignation . “Mu Wanrou is dead . ”

“Mu Wanrou?”

His superior appeared a bit shocked by the news .

“How did she die?”

He then gave him an overview of the events that had happened that night .

“The police are now suspecting that Shishi murdered that woman . All evidence is working against her favor, and every clue taken from the scene can’t prove her innocence at all . I bailed Shishi out earlier, but based on the current situation, the police will likely summon her for another round of questioning soon . ”

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“Why would Mu Wanrou appear in Sea City?!” Min Yu raised a doubt . “Wasn’t she locked up in the asylum?”

“I have no idea, either . ”

A baffled look crossed the manager’s face .

The man’s eyes were gleaming as he asked askance, “Are you sure it’s her?”

“The corpse has been placed in the morgue . Although… she fell from a high building, and her body has been badly deformed, she’s still recognizable . ”

He then ordered his assistant . “Send someone to find out what happened at the asylum . ”

“Boss, do you mean—”

His countenance grew cold and dark . “How could a lunatic escape from the asylum on her own? It’s impossible without external help!”

If that was the case, then this matter would become much more complicated .

From how crazy that woman had become, how could she possibly sneak out of the asylum, which was heavily guarded twenty-four seven, with that unclear head of hers?

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