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Chapter 2008: 2008
Chapter 2008: I will guarantee your safety .

“Haven’t you thought of leaving showbiz?”

“Of course, I did,” he answered truthfully .

“Then, why—”

“I can’t escape . ” His head dipped as he shut his eyes in despondency . “I can never escape…”

“Why not?!”

The woman thought otherwise . As she stared closely at him and noted his forlorn look, she could not help feeling a trace of heartache for him .

However, before she could go on saying her piece, Hua Jin cut in . “Shishi, you don’t understand how materialistic and frivolous the industry we’re part of is . Since ancient times, thespians like us have been deemed as nothing more than entertainers and playthings for the rich and powerful . One should stay as far away from it as possible, for once anyone is in, it’s only a continuous upward climb and no chance for an out, unless you have someone with an extraordinary background backing you . Things are different for you, though . You’re only acting for leisure and you don’t make a living from it . Besides… with the Mu Group backing you, you don’t have to worry about anyone offending you at all . ”

He then flashed a bitter smile at her . “Do you have any idea how many people I’ve offended over the years? As soon as I’m no longer under my backer’s protection, I’ll surely be devoured alive by those people . I… I used to feel unafraid, but now, I want to live a proper life . ”

Yun Shishi felt increasingly baffled by his situation .

From what the actor had said, she vaguely perceived that the person behind him had great influence and realized that he was deeply involved in a precarious situation where he could neither retreat nor advance .

No one, apart from that paymaster of his, could ensure his safety .

The idol softly added . “To be honest, I’ve long grown tired of this hypocritical and scheming industry . I hate the constant need to wear different masks to pander to someone, and that’s why… I’m so envious of you . ”

She furrowed her brows as she lifted her gaze at him . “Do you wish to quit showbiz?”

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“I’ll try to help you if you wish to do so!”

His eyes lit up in hope .

“You’ll try to help me?”

“Yes! I’ll find a way to guarantee your safety . ”

Shocked, the man fell silent for a good while before suddenly shaking his head in resignation . “Stop joking around . Why would you find trouble for yourself?”

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“I don’t see it as something troublesome . ”

She went on speaking in a serious tone . “If you really wish to quit showbiz, I’ll do my best to help you!”

The man nodded softly .

Although he was not quite convinced that the rookie actress could help him in any way in this matter, he accepted her help with a thankful heart .

It was six o’clock in the morning by the time the plane touched down at the airport .

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The plane was supposed to take off from the capital airport at seven o’clock yesterday . However, the depressing thing was that, due to poor weather conditions, an alert level of orange had been raised, resulting in most flights to be delayed .

Private jets were, all the more, unable to take flight as they could not take off on a whim . One must submit an application to the airport’s air traffic control center a week before the flight . Furthermore, when the weather condition and many other risk factors were considered, it was only understandable that Min Yu’s application for an emergency take-off was rejected .

As he was unable to book any tickets for the first-class cabin, a certain man, who was used to traveling first-class, now had the chance to experience traveling in the economy class cabin for the first time in his life .

The assistant was coldly rejected when he mentioned to his boss that he might as well stay in the capital and wait for his wife’s arrival since the earliest he could arrive at Sea City was 6 AM if his flight was scheduled at around 2 AM .

Mu Yazhe was worried about his woman .

In particular, he was worried that she might delay her plan to return to the capital out of pique .

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