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Published at 26th of October 2020 02:25:06 PM
Chapter 2007: 2007

It was said that they died from drug overdose and overexertion .

There was nothing too sinful or grotesque at that mass orgy . Games like the bomb shot and Russian roulette ruled the place .

He personally witnessed a group of girls, blindfolded, being led to form a circle with their butts sticking out . The men could do whatever they wanted with those girls once the music started playing . The first one to give up would have to drink a shot . Likewise, the bomb shots they had at that debauchery were simply outrageous .

The death of a few younglings was nothing of concern to those rich men . They could easily cover up the matter with some hushed money .

A few naïve ones did not realize how deadly this place could be until they stepped in it . Alas, it was too late for any regrets . There was no way for them to retreat once they entered; the men practically forced themselves on them .

He became a drug addict after that party and had to spend a few months in recuperation .

His paymaster did not show any concern for him despite that and, instead, sent him to work at a bar for a living .

In the end, that man decided to sign him on as an artist . He was determined to transform the latter into a period-drama idol with some careful makeover . By then, Hua Jin was nothing more to him except a means to earn money . He had probably grown tired of him, but in any case, he did not touch him again .

The young man met Xiaoya about half a year after he stepped into show business .

Actually, he did not know the lady’s full name even now . He only knew that she came from an influential family which had ties with the long-lasting Zheng Tan clan . It was said that this family was behind a rich and powerful conglomerate .

In a way, that woman had saved him from his dark and sleazy past, but then, she turned him into her prisoner . He was like a canary trapped in a cage, and no one was permitted to get close to him .

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He reckoned that she was smitten with his good looks or taken by his sweet talks .

Thus far, any actress who was on close terms with him or who wanted to do a CP with him had all been banned by her without fail .

To her, getting a starlet banned for life was a simple affair, but for those young stars, it meant a great deal .

Hence, all female artists avoided him like the plague . They were quick to draw a line with him even when they were on the same production set .

He sneaked a careful peek at Yun Shishi before making fun of himself . “Don’t you find me laughable? Look at me; my body is a commodity which has changed hands so many times that it is disgusting to behold . I find myself dirty . ”

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“Don’t say that!” She immediately stopped him; her heart was in turmoil by the time he finished with his life story .

All she could feel was heartache, shock, sadness, and a range of other persistent emotions .

She realized, with some shock, that he had told her the truth that day . He was not joking with her at all .

On that day, he opened about his painful past to her, only to brush it off lightly, telling her that he was only pulling her leg .

“Do you… dislike me now?”

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He was really terrified about sharing his dark history with her . It was a past that he had been actively trying to hide and forget . The reason he shared this with her now was that he wanted to be open to her .

However, having told her everything, he was suddenly afraid that she would despise and avoid him .

She quickly shook her head . The actress felt empathy and heartache for him . Never, even for a moment, did she think that he was filthy because of his experiences .

Nothing could surpass the darkness and filth of a man’s heart .

Actually, this young man had retained a tinge of his childhood naivety . Beneath his aloof and vicious façade lay a kind heart .

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