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Published at 26th of October 2020 02:25:09 PM
Chapter 2006

After suddenly asking that perplexing question buried in her heart, Yun Shishi was afraid to look at him .

Hua Jin was taken aback, his face losing color in an instant .

The actress was dumbfounded when she saw how his face had turned ugly following her question . She did not know what it was she had said that had hit him in his sore spot .

“They’re likely afraid of the consequences it will bring if you and I get too close . ”

The young man’s eyes drooped in disappointment as he bit his lower lip helplessly . “I’m… probably selfish for not considering that, but…”

He raised his head and spoke seriously . “Do you know? I love being with you . ”

Shock filled the woman’s eyes .

“Please don’t misunderstand! I didn’t mean anything romantic about it! I love being with you because you let me feel… the warmth of a family . ”

Even though he said that with a small smile, his tone was extremely sad . “I’ve always been greedy for such warmth because I’ve never had it before . That’s why…”

“Hua Jin…”

The young man’s smile was laced with bitterness as he spoke seriously . “Perhaps you should keep your distance from me—at least, until I have cut things off with that woman . ”

That woman?

Was this the woman Mu Xi had mentioned to her previously? Hua Jin’s financial backer?

The actor glanced at her, seeing through her thoughts . He had a meticulousness unlike any other man . Therefore, he quickly sensed what she was suspecting .

“I’m aware of the countless rumors about me in the industry . Some are unfounded, but some are indeed true . ”

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Yun Shishi looked at him with a deep gaze .

“The life experiences I’ve told you before are all… true . They are . I wasn’t joking . I’m afraid that you’ll think I’m dirty once you find out about it…”

He shrank his shoulders helplessly . His colorless lips were as dry and cracked as the Mother Earth .

“Why would I?” Unexpectedly, the actress smiled . “I don’t think you are dirty . The past is in the past . Who doesn’t have one?”


His eyes were filled with surprise as a slight vigor returned to his face .

“You really don’t find me dirty?”

“Yes . ”

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The actor examined her expression . Her gaze was genuine and her look was serious . Thus, he sighed . “I’ll tell you if you’re willing to listen . ”

“Okay . ”

In fact, Hua Jin’s father truly did sell him to a man with an extraordinary background when he had nowhere to go .

This man was very powerful and had a reputation in the financial industry .

He had several businesses and investments in many domains, from Internet and media to property…

An entertainment company under his control was just a small part of his properties .

That guy had his eyes set on him and offered to take him in as payment for his father’s debt; his old man naturally agreed to that proposal .

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The following years after that were something the actor could not bear to look back on .

From being inexperienced and young, he eventually became cold and detached from the world . It was all because of that man .

He remembered that one time when he was brought to attend a prestigious private banquet . The host of the banquet had booked an entire island for half a month of wild fun, filled with wannabe models and drugs .

The man threw him into the circle and gave a speech about how they could play with him however they wanted .

He was violated beyond recognition during that half a month .

At the banquet, several financial backers had been so wild that a few wannabes died amid their fun .

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