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Published at 26th of October 2020 12:20:09 AM
Chapter 2004

Seemingly affected by anemia, his hands felt cold, whereas hers were warm; they were so warm that he could not help yearning for more .

Hua Jin’s eyes lit up as he held her hands gently in return; a deep and satisfied smile hung on his lips .

He was greedy for more of her warmth .

Honestly, the pain that he was experiencing right now was nothing compared to what he had gone through in the past . There was a time when he had really gone through hell over someone breaking a few of his ribs simultaneously .

Still, the actor knew that he was lucky this time around, too . He might not have survived a liver puncture if the dagger had gone a few more inches to the side .

He was not thinking straight, then . All he could think of was to protect her with all his being . When he saw Mu Wanrou charging right at her, his first thought was to push the actress away from danger, not realizing that the attacker had a dagger in her hand .

This was how he got stabbed in the end . He had no regrets, though .

In fact, he could still feel the chills when he replayed that scene in his mind . Where the hell did that madwoman come from?!

“Who was she?” he asked, alluding to the crazy lady .

There was no response from Yun Shishi until he called her name again .

After recomposing herself, she replied, “That’s a thief . ”

“A thief?” He was torn between laughing and crying at the reply . “I saw her wearing a hospital gown . That woman might’ve escaped from a mental asylum . ”

Mental asylum?!

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The actress got a rude shock .

That’s right .  She remembered the name of the hospital . It was a well-known mental hospital in the capital and offered the strictest patient supervision .  How was it possible for her to escape there, then?

She did not know how her enemy had ended up in a mental asylum, either . All along, she had let Mu Yazhe handle that matter entirely .

Still, it took three to four hours to reach Sea City from the capital by air . Putting aside the issue of the latter’s escape from the mental institution, how did the woman manage to get herself an air ticket to get on the plane and then fly all the way to her side in another city? With her current state of delirium, it would be impossible for her to buy a ticket or even appear at the airport .

The thought was too ludicrous for her .

How about that suspicious SMS she had received, too? Her agent swore that he did not send such a message to her .

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She knew him well enough to know that she could trust him absolutely . Besides, her manager would know better than to play a fool with her when she had Mu Yazhe as her shield .

What was it exactly, then? What was that all about?

Her mind was thrown into disarray momentarily .

When Hua Jin saw her in a state of stunned silence, he assumed that she was unwilling to share her private affairs and quickly reassured, “It’s fine if you don’t wanna talk about it . ”

Everyone had an unwanted past that they did not want to talk about .

She suddenly gripped his hands hard .

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This matter seemed fishy enough to warrant a deeper investigation . There must be a mastermind behind this disaster .

The first name of the most likely culprit that flashed across her mind was: Song Enya .

That woman was the most formidable of all the enemies she had made so far, and this could explain the whole story .

The missy had the status and power to pull strings behind . She was the only one able to sneak Mu Wanrou out of a prestigious mental hospital and then ferry her to another city without detection .

She would stand to gain the most by having the disgraced woman get rid of her competitor . The best scenario for the missy would be to have the two died in each other’s hands .

Even if the actress were to survive the attack, she would not get away unscathed . Just as what the missy had hoped, she was considered a suspect in a homicide case now . With no valid evidence in her favor, she did not know if she could prove her innocence . She had no confidence that Hua Jin’s testimony would work to her benefit, either .

With her manager’s strong and extensive PR network, he had managed to get her temporary freedom on bail . She knew her arrest would also be kept under wraps with him in control of the situation .

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