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Published at 26th of October 2020 12:20:06 AM
Chapter 2005: 2005

The suspicion against her was still not eradicated as she remained at large .

Yun Shishi was a bit worried . She did not know how the media would make this matter public if the news were to get out .

Those callous reporters would always see one thing and say another . Who knew how they would misrepresent this?!

What about Mu Yazhe?

He promised to head to Sea City together with her, yet he broke his promise for some reason .

This was probably the work of Song Enya!

What a smart plan to lure the tiger away from its den!

Still, thinking about it now, she realized how scary this was .

After all, that missy had long wanted to get rid of her .

The actress had always been wary of her, but she had never thought that the other was this vicious and merciless .

Although it could not be confirmed if it was really that missy’s orchestration, she was the most suspicious of all .

Apart from her, she could not think of a second suspect .


What was the text message all about?

She could not think of a logical explanation for that even now .

Perhaps, it was done through some sort of advanced technology . They hacked Qin Zhou’s phone and sent her a message before deleting it speedily from his records .

She had encountered such things at this level previously . If they were amazing hackers, they could easily complete such a task .

Was it not reported online before?

The more she thought about it, the more her head hurt . She knitted her brows gently from exhaustion .

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The actress had not slept well for several nights, and with the series of events that had just transpired, she was utterly drained .

Seeing how tired she was, Hua Jin’s heart ached . He caressed her face softly and asked, “Shishi, do you want to sleep for a while? You don’t look good . ”

She shook her head . “I’m not tired . I’ll accompany you . ”

The woman raised her gaze and looked at the young man before giving him a gentle smile . “Thank you… for today . If it hadn’t been for you… I don’t know what might’ve happened to me . ”

However, the other disagreed . He did not think that this was such a world-shattering matter . “Why are you thanking me? If it were others, they would do the same thing . ”

“Still, I must thank you . You got hurt because of me…”

Despite how unaffected Hua Jin seemed, she still blamed herself for what had happened .

“Don’t say that, or else I’m going to be angry . ”

The actor paused for a moment before smiling gently . “If I had been with you, such things wouldn’t have happened in the first place . It was my mistake for not thinking that she would have a weapon in her hand . ”

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“Didn’t you ever think that you might die at that point in time?”

Hearing this, the young man was stunned for a moment and then retorted mockingly, “I’m not even afraid of being alive . Why should I be afraid of dying?”

He had been through a life crueler than death, so much so that death was no longer something he feared .

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing at all!”

He shook his head and did not say anything else . “Shishi, how could you be so stupid? Why would anyone invite you on the rooftop in the middle of the night? It was clearly a trap . Only you would’ve gone over so eagerly . ”

“I didn’t think that much about it . ”

“You may have a huge bosom, but you are brainless . ”

Hearing this, the actress turned furious in an instant . “What did you say?!”

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Amused, he burst out laughing . “Nothing! I was just kidding!”

“What was that?! It’s not funny at all . ”

Yun Shishi sulked .

“Alright; don’t be angry . I said something wrong!” Hua Jin asked for forgiveness at once .

The hospital ward turned quiet, and all they could hear was the beeping noise of the medical equipment .

The woman broke the silence suddenly as she asked carefully, “Actually… what you said earlier about your life experience… You weren’t kidding around to amuse me, right?”


“Why did so many people tell me to keep my distance from you?”

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